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  • Adam Cayton

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    Adam Cayton-Holland is a national touring headliner who plays clubs and colleges all over the country. He was recently named one of 25 “Comics to Watch” by Esquire Magazine and made his late-night television debut on Conan. He has appeared on ABC’s “Happy Endings” and was featured on the Nerdist and Sklarbro County podcasts. Cayton-Holland has also performed at the Montreal Just For Laughs, SXSW, ...

  • Adam Cayton-Holland

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    Despite being born into a white, upper-middle class family, Adam has been able to overcome the numerous non-existent hurdles that have faced him to become by far the funniest comedian on his block. He is a national touring headliner who plays clubs and colleges all over the country. He was recently named one of 25 “Comics to Watch” by Esquire Magazine and made his late-night television...

  • Sebastian C-Bazz

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    Meet Sebastian "C-Bazz" Fort an extremely hilariously talented and fun-loving comedian/actor/writer that is taking the comedy world by storm. Having grew up in a small town of Tallulah, Louisiana C-bazz is a country boy with big city dreams. His comedic style is highly entertaining filled with laughter pulled from his family, life and ALL of his many experiences. He masterfully paints a ...

  • Kyle Cease

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    Kyle Cease is currently one of the most in-demand young comics, selling out over 200 shows last year from coast to coast. His Comedy Central 1 hour special “Kyle Cease: Weirder. Blacker. Dimpler. premiered in 2007 to extremely high ratings. Hís half hour special, “Comedy Central Presents Kyle Cease” was the most played half hour special on Comedy Central in 2006. The same ...

  •  Cecile & Mighty

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  • Nick Cedergren

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  • Rich Ceisler

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     Posing as an expert in your field, Ceisler tailors his hilarious presentation to suit your organization. Pretending to be anything from the founder of a stress clinic to the nation's leading sales expert, he begins to "lecture" on a serious note, but before long the audience senses that something is not quite right with this presenter. The tension builds to a crescendo as th...

  • Dave Celestian

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  • St Cello's Fall

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  • Wyatt Cenac

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  • Frank Cermak

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     Originally from Chicago, Frank has carved a path to the mic; from playwright/director, through political and horror writing (same job) to become one of LA's favorite, premier comics. From his marriage, to being outed as a "gay vigilante" or his skewed view inside Hollywood, he's been labeled: "The Most Dangerous F*g of Funny." Look for Frank's new show HOW DIRTY WORDS CH...

  • Jeff Cerulli

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  • Cesar Cervantes

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     Cesar Cervantes is a Dallas, TX based comedian who performs stand-up comedy at many clubs, he also likes to act, eat cheese and play ping pong. Some of his credits include: Comedy Central's "Funaticos" and "Open Mic Fight", TBS "The Real Gilligan's Island", Lifetimes "The Big Match", and an Iraq Military tour. Here are some things people have said abou...

  • Nick Cervantes

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  • Jeff Cesario

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  • Adam Ceschin

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    Adam Ceschin, is an LA based comic who has performed at The UCB, The Groundlings, IO West and is a regular at The Hollywood Improv. You may also know him from The Moth, Funny or Die, MTV, or his live comedy cabaret: Schmabernet! His last name is pronounced “Chess- Keen” He is Italian. He will not steal your jewelry.

  • Sebastian Cetina

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    Sebastian Cetina is a uniquely gifted and talented Stand-Up Comedian, Host, Actor, Producer, and Impressionist who has proved over the last 21 years to be one of the funniest and most versatile comedians in America and is about to take the Entertainment world by storm. Over the last few years Sebastian’s stock has risen to a new level and will no longer be a hidden gem. For example...

  • Kris Chacon

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    I'm Kristoffer Chacon and was born in Los Angeles CA June 25, 1987. I'm 1/2 Asian and 1/2 Latino from a little city called Carson (LA County). I went to the Air force for four years, where I ironically found my love for Comedy. I've been a Stand Up Comedian for 2 years now and during that time I've performed in multiple competitions in Florida (while I was still military) and in LA...

  • Mini Chad

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  • The Chadwicks

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    The Chadwicks are an Arizona based cover band that originated in Tempe, AZ in the fall of 1994 and have been performing consistently ever since. With a focus on staying current with songs on the alternative radio stations as well as learning classic rock songs, their repertoire is as vast as it is diverse. The Chadwicks list of clients and events is equally vast and diverse. They have performed...

  • Dustin Chafin

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    Born in a doublewide trailer in Kilgore, Texas; son of a used-car salesman and a beautiful and wild hippy child; grandson of Choctaw Native Americans: Dustin Chafin is both Cowboy and Indian. Dustin set foot in the boxing ring at the young age of five. Full of fight and fury, he quickly won golden gloves. As a young man, Dustin’s path took a turn towards the spiritual, and led him to the mo...

  • Magowan's Chair

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    MaGowan’s Chair was formed in early 2007 in South Florida by Mark Pisarri and Daniel Lombardi. It was a collaborative effort to infuse the styles of popular and classic rock music with solid rhythms and powerful yet soulful melodic leads

  • Sheila Chalakee

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  • Mark Chalifoux

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  • The Chalks

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    Mary Brienza (Judeen) is a performer and writer with credits ranging from musical theatre and concert dance to stand-up comedy. Appearances include Leave It To Me  (Off Broadway), Dance Dialogue Reflections with the A&G Dance Company (Dance Theatre Workshop), Jump Rhythm Jazz Project (Kaye Playhouse) the self-penned solo comedy A Women Possessed, the sketch comedy trio Girl Talk as well a...

  • Chili Challis

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    Chili has headlined clubs, casinos, colleges and corporate shows for 20+ years. Besides being a former staff writer for the 'Tonight Show with Jay Leno', he's also been a creative consultant on CMT's 'Mabe in America' show. Also finds time to be a favorite on the nationally syndicated 'Bob and Tom' radio show and NPR's "Conversations with Creative Minds&...

  • Daniel Chamberlain

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     Dan Chamberlain is a New York City based writer and performer. Raised in Groton, Massachusetts, he has been studying and performing by way of the Upright Citizens Brigade since 2006, under the invaluable tutelage of Neil Casey, Ryan Karels, Anthony King, Curtis Gwinn, Charlie Sanders, Charlie Todd, Joe Wengert, and more. He has been an active member of the the independent improv community fo...

  • Bobby Chambers

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  • T.J. Chambers

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    T.J. Chambers has used a balance of sharp intellect tempered with some nerdy goofiness to find success as both a noted onstage performer, and as a valued writer for a number of television’s top shows.  Often asked for advice from up-and-comers on how to achieve these things, his deeply profound responses range from “I dunno it just kinda happened” to “Follow your dream...

  • Matt Champagne

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    Matt Champagne has been making his living acting in various TV shows, movies and commercials for about fifteen years now: TV stuff like "Providence," "Will and Grace," "Working," "The Tick," "Angel," "Monk," "CSI Miami," "Boston Legal," "Numbers," "Medium," "Reaper," "'Til Death,"...

  • Poppy Champlin

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    There’s just something about Poppy! Thanks to her time at the famed Second City in Chicago, she’s a crackerjack at the craft of Improv and can magically turn anything into comedic fodder.  Champlin is one of the quickest witted comedians working today with a wild and roaming spontaneity making each show a one of a kind experience. She’s starred in specials on “Showti...

  • Eli Chance

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  • Ritu Chandra

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    "Lazy housewife turned comedian. sometimes I love my husband, sometimes my son, sometimes my dog....rarely do i love all three simultaneously." A few of her credits include The Stress Factory, New York Comedy Club, and The Comedy Shoppe.

  • Jay Chandrasekhar

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    Director/writer/comedian/actor Jay Chandrasekhar has contributed and appeared in a wide variety of critically acclaimed television programs and films throughout his career.     After graduating, Chandrasekhar and his classmates from Colgate University formed Charred Goosebeak, a sketch comedy group.  Upon graduating, the members of Charred Goosebeak changed their name to Broken Li...

  • Amos Chang

    Amos Chang View Profile

    After a misspent youth, much of which was spent under the shadows of  Churchill Downs' Legendary Twin Spires, and at the ripe old age of 21, Amos took his street-wise smarts and became a member of the Louisville Kentucky Police Department. After 4 years as a patrolman and a year as a detective, Amos quit his life of law and order to become one of those "colorful characters" hi...

  • Dante Chang

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  • Eliot Chang

    Eliot Chang View Profile

    Eliot Chang's Comedy Central Half Hour was voted #2 in Comedy Central's Stand Up Showdown.  He has also appeared on Showtime and E!'s "Chelsea Lately."  Every year Eliot tours America and has performed at over 400 colleges.  Born and raised in NY, he currently resides in Los Angeles.  He travels regularly between both coasts for proj...

  • Steve Chang

    Steve Chang View Profile

     Steve Chang is a comedian who has been performing for a long time.

  • YouJean Chang

    YouJean Chang View Profile

    YouJean Chang is a New York comic who was born in Williamsburg when it was mostly Hasidic Jews and black people. In 2015, he performed at the Hoboken Comedy Festival and Boston Comedy Arts Festival. According to critics, his brand of comedy can best be described as "interesting observations about modern culture". While standup is his first love, YouJean has also studied and performed ...

  • Sandy Chansamone

    Sandy Chansamone View Profile

    Sandy is a stand up comedian who is also part of the Screensavers TV sketch group and has a monthly show called Here's the Thing... She is also a brown belt in karate, a black belt at eating and a skilled hula hooper.

  • Scott Chaplain

    Scott Chaplain View Profile

    Scott Chaplain is a comedian and writer residing in Brooklyn, New York. He began doing stand-up at the age of 17, and now at the age of 25 is a rising star on the New York comedy scene. He can be seen on Fox's Red Eye, is currently a regular at clubs in New York City, was recently featured at the New York Comedy Festival, and can be seen this summer on Comedy Centrals Roast Battle program.

  • Charlie Chaplin

    Charlie Chaplin View Profile

  • Plug Chapman

    Plug Chapman View Profile

     A native of East Point, GA., Kareem Chapman, aka Plug Chapman is a natural born comedian, writer, and actor, with a knack for revealing “the funny” like a flashlight in the dark. In addition to opening up for headliners like Jon Lovitz, Jodi Miller and Chris D’elia, he is a hit with audiences from east to west coasts, performing in venu...

  • Katsy Chappell

    Katsy Chappell View Profile

    After a 10 year hiatus and 125 pound weight loss, Katsy Chappell is back to what she loves. Stand Up Comedy! Katsy’s neighborly clothesline slice of life humor is skewed at the funny while leaving food for thought. She finds humor EVERYWHERE. She has performed her clean green humor worldwide. Some of her favorites shows have been in Africa, Japan, England. She has performed to audiences acro...

  • Dave Chappelle

    Dave Chappelle View Profile

    David Khari Webber "Dave" Chappelle, born August 24, 1973, is an American comedian, screenwriter, television/film producer, and actor. In 2003, he became widely known for his popular sketch comedy television series, Chappelle's Show. Comedy Central ranked him forty-third in the list of the 100 greatest stand-up comedians.

  • Shanti Charan

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  • Mike Charette

    Mike Charette View Profile

  • Jeff Charlebois

    Jeff Charlebois View Profile

    Jeff Charlebois is far from your ordinary comedian.  Paralyzed in a tragic car accident, he refused to let life get him down and, instead, he got up... up on stage!     Billed as a “sit down comic who’s always on a roll,” the hysterical, inspiring funny man has been racing around the country in his pinstriped, high-performance wheelchair spreading l...

  •  Charles

    Charles View Profile

     With an eclectic and imaginative series of sketches in the tradition of Kids in the Hall and Monty Python, Charles is a genre-bending chimera of comedy goodness. It’s a police procedural within an historical epic; it’s a murder mystery with inverted light cues; it’s a ghost story told by a frustrated ghost. The show is intelligent without sacrificing accessibility, as Charl...

  • Joe Charles

    Joe Charles View Profile

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