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  • Sarah Claspell

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     Sarah is an actress, writer and improvisor who has been studying at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre since 2006. She can currently be seen on Harold Night with the improv team Dybbuk, and on Maude Night with the sketch team Neighbor Boy. Past shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre include This Is About Smith,The New York Talent Academy Showcase, The Macroscene, In A World andTrip...

  • Stand-up Class 201

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  • KrookTone Classics

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    The Krooktone Classics bring a reggae-rocksteady style that is sure to get you moving. They derive their musical influence from jazz, blues, soul, funk, and rock & roll. Formed in Yuma, Arizona in 2009, The Krooktone Classics were known as Golden Child and the Good Guys. They gained local recognition only a few short months after the band formed. Their musical talents have led them to perfo...

  • Ryan Clauson

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    In 2012  NBC, ABC, and CBS casting voted Ryan the best performer in the Seattle International Comedy Competition. Ryan was also voted Boston’s Best Young Comic by and has opened up for Dana Carvey from Saturday Night Live. Touring at over 100 colleges per year, Ryan’s comedy has been featured on NESN,, and the Bonnaroo Comedy College Tour. ...

  • Paul Clay

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  • Matt Claybrooks

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    Matt Claybrooks has written for several television shows including: Everybody Hates Chris, The George Lopez Show, The Game and Reed Between the Lines and Instant Mom. Chris Rock listed him one of his favorite comics to watch in Stage Time Magazine.

  • Jerome Cleary

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    Jerome Cleary is originally from Atlantic City, New Jersey and NYU alum. Featured regularly at LA's top comedy clubs: The Improv, The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store and The Ice House. His original voice and point of view is what make his material fresh and funny. His credits include: Melrose Place, The Howard Stern Show, and National Lampoon and The Jimmy Kimmel Show. He's an LA favorit...

  • Camilla Cleese

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    Camilla Cleese recently returned from Chicago, where she spent 8 months performing at clubs all over town including The Laugh Factory Chicago, Zanies, The Comedy Shrine, ComedySportz Theater, The Comedy Bar, and the Chicago Improv, among others.  She has been invited to participate in the Akumel Comedy Festival and the Cabo Comedy Festival, and will be joining her father,John Cleese, on stage...

  • Jemaine Clement

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  • Cisco Clemente

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     Cisco has been referred to as brilliant, profound and a must see performer that can go from 0 to funny in a matter of nanoseconds. His electrifying show is full of non-stop laughs with material about true life events which he portrays with his natural talent and maximum funny. Cisco has been praised for his ability to deliver clean, thought-provoking humor, enabling him to perform in front o...

  • Sean Clements

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     Sean has been studying and performing at the UCB Theatre since 2005. He was a member of several Harold teams and Maude Teams in New York, but he\'s not there anymore, so stop living in the past! He has performed in the UCBLA shows ASSSSCAT, Sketch Cram, Let\'s Do This, CDR Sketch, and he\'s a cast member in the weekly improv show, Shitty Jobs. Sean worked as a staff writer for the MTV show,...

  • Al Clethen Jr.

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  • Rick Cleveland

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    Rick Cleveland is an Emmy-winning writer who worked on "The West Wing" and all five seasons of "Six Feet Under." Currently he's a writer and executive producer for season two of "Mad Men." "My Buddy Bill" won the Best Solo Performance Award at the Comedy Arts Festival in 2006.

  • Vic Clevenger

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    Southerner Magazine wrote, Vic Clevenger is “the next big time Southern comic.”   “Finding the funny in life” is how nationally touring comedian Vic Clevenger approaches his audiences when he steps on stage. Often compared to the likes of Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy, Vic shows how everyday life can be funny with his humorous observations and southern ...

  • Carrie Clifford

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    On Twitter: @CarrieClifford

  • Tony Clifton

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    Clifton was discovered by Andy Kaufman in 1969, while performing in a seedy lounge in Las Vegas. Captivated, Kaufman engaged Tony to open for him on several occasions, most notably his historic "Carnegie Hall Concert." In the ‘80s, Clifton appeared numerous times on such shows as David Letterman and The Miss Piggy Special. Rodney Dangerfield hired Clifton to open for him at Bill ...

  • Cliff Clinton

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    Cliff Clinton’s been around the world and back with his comedy…figuratively. Starting in late 2008 with a few years of improv experience and a poorly put together open mic night, he fell in love and never turned back. Cliff spent his first year of doing comedy at his alma mater, Chapman University, doing all sorts of shows, for urban music festivals in dorm room basements to opening f...

  •  Close But No Cigar

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    CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR St.Louis, MO - February 2011 - 68 min World Premiere Synopsis: Bob Zany has been in show business since he made his national television debut on the 'Gong Show' in 1976. As a comedian, he has worked everywhere and worked with everyone. So why isn't Bob Zany a bigger name? And what keeps him going, out performing on the road more than 45 weeks a year? This documentary foll...

  • DCH Closed Christmas

    DCH Closed Christmas View Profile

    DCH is closed today, so enjoy your time with friends and family!

  • Del Closed Fist Presents: Wrestlemania

    Del Closed Fist Presents: Wrestlemania View Profile

     "Del Closed Fist Presents: Wrestlemania" is a long form improv comedy show with professional wrestlers. Touring the country, this show brings your love of wrestling and comedy to one stage. Featuring a rotating cast of wrestlers from WWE, NXT, Lucha Underground, ROH, NJPW, & Dragon Gate. Cast is to be announced.

  • DCH Closed NYD

    DCH Closed NYD View Profile

    DCH is closed today, so enjoy your time with friends and family!

  • DCH Closed Thanksgiving

    DCH Closed Thanksgiving View Profile

    DCH is closed today, so enjoy your time with friends and family!

  • Robin Cloud

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  • Amelia Clover

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    Amelia (Ami) Clover is an improviser, voice over artist, and comedienne living in Los Angeles.  She's studied improv with UCB, iO West, Miles Stroth, and M.I.'s Westside Comedy Theater and is currently on the Westside Comedy house team "The Audience" and indie team "Streetwise".  Her voice can be heard in advertisements for companies like Target, iTunes Radi...

  • Disgruntled Clown

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  • Class Clowns at Tempe Improv

    Class Clowns at Tempe Improv View Profile

    See the show that's taken comics all the way from their very first show to national television!     Comedyschools alumni have appeared on The Kimmel Show, Conan, Last Comic Standing, HBO, Showtime, Laughs TV and so much more.  Arizona is known to be one of the most creative breeding grounds for stand up talent in the nation.  For the la...

  • Class Clowns at The Tempe Improv

    Class Clowns at The Tempe Improv View Profile

    See the show that's taken comics all the way from their very first show to national television!     Comedyschools alumni have appeared on The Kimmel Show, Conan, Last Comic Standing, HBO, Showtime, Laughs TV and so much more.    Arizona is known to be one of the most creative breeding grounds for stand up talent in the nation.  For the last sixteen years, The Cla...

  • Breakfast Club

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    Breakfast Club takes raw, real life stories and cooks them into hilarious long-form improv.

  • Elena Coats

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    Elena Coats is an American singer/songwriter born on April 19th, 1997. She was raised in Twin Falls, Idaho, by her mother Margie and her father Todd, along with 3 other siblings. At the early age of 4 Elena was singing to her favorite Disney tunes. The first song her parents remember her singing was "Once Upon a Dream" from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. The 4-year-old Elena captured ...

  • Angela Cobb

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  • Nick Cobb

    Nick Cobb View Profile

    Often described as an "outburst comic", Nick Cobb's comedy is emotional and thoughtful with a physical rant always right around the corner. While a native Memphian, Nick attended Indiana University where he majored in Psychology. After graduating, he traveled Australia working odd jobs, like selling water filters door-to-door. Upon his return home, Nick started hitting the local c...

  •  Cobranauts

    Cobranauts View Profile

    We are a long-form improv comedy team. Cobranauts are the sick mind child of a mad scientist of comedy (Bryce). Who created space bound snakeazoid people astronaut things. Now they roam the galaxy doing improv and looking for intelligent life, to bite in the face. Cobranauts are comprised of Al Garcia, Kelli Giron, Byron Kennerly, Jenn Cowan, Mary Gutfleisch, Shaun Boylan, Cole Stratton, Morgan ...

  • Chris Coccia

    Chris Coccia View Profile

    Chris Coccia's act is a perfect combination of hilarious material and the ability to present it "in the moment". Flowing seamlessly between material and improvised interaction with the crowd, Chris is able to open the audience up as he pulls them into a shared recognition of our own human-ness. Including: the offenses of unreturned facial expressions, the plague of body hair, and the confusion of ...

  • JC Coccoli

    JC Coccoli View Profile

    Hello there. JC Coccoli is a comedian born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA to an Italian-Russian family. She began performing at the Pittsburgh Playhouse at the age of 9 before her acceptance into the Point Park Conservatory Theater and Dance school and a summer study program at Carnegie Mellon University. She received her BA in English Writing and Radio and Television Broadcasting from the Univers...

  • Jerricho Cochery

    Jerricho Cochery View Profile

  • Josh Cocks

    Josh Cocks View Profile

    Josh Cocks is a regular emcee at The Comedy Attic in Bloomington, Indiana. He has been doing stand-up for over two years and has worked with comics such as Tommy Johnagin, Greg Warren, and Heywood Banks. He is a multiple-time winner of Bloomington's Last Comic Standing, was on the Indiana University team for the 2008 and 2009 Rooftop College Competition, and won Barringer's Funniest Pers...

  • Joseph Cocozzello

    Joseph Cocozzello View Profile

     Joe Cocozzello has been doing stand up for the last thirteen years bringing his offbeat brand of crazy whirlwind energy and thoughts to clubs across the country...Born in New York his family moved to the midwest where he intially started his stand up career eventually coming home to New York...He is back home with a vengance...

  • Kerry Coddett

    Kerry Coddett View Profile

    Kerry Coddett [Cah-dit] is a New York- based comedian, actress, and writer. Born and raised in Brooklyn to Caribbean parents, Kerry draws comedic inspiration from her colorful surroundings and offers a uniquely unapologetic perspective that is both irreverent and insightful. A stand up comedian with a modern storytelling style, Kerry is edgy, raw, and energetic, while still finding hilario...

  • Mike Cody

    Mike Cody View Profile

     Slightly weird, definitely dark and more than a little nerdy, Mike Cody is a charismatic storyteller whose razor-sharp punchlines and astonishing array of voices pull audiences headfirst into his ridiculous life. Despite his bookish nature (or perhaps because of it), Mike constantly finds himself in uncomfortable situations caused by uncomfortable people, all of whom he brings to life on sta...

  • Nick Cody

    Nick Cody View Profile

    Never a dull moment – Nick Cody is certainly a name to look out for. Nick Cody is quickly becoming one of the funniest young comedians in the country. At 25 years of age, he’s already supported some of the biggest names in stand-up. Nick’s brand of stand-up offers a unique combination of edgy, thought-provoking material ranging from brutally honest and uninhibited storytelling to rapid-fir...

  • Jack Coen

    Jack Coen View Profile

  • George Coffey

    George Coffey View Profile

     George Coffey is a comedian living in Los Angeles. He has performed at the CROM comedy festival in Denver Colorado, the Brokechella arts festival, "The Cynic Cave" in San Francisco, "Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen", as well as many shows in greater Los Angeles, and is generally a lGeorge Coffey is a comedian living in Los Angeles. He has performed at the CROM comedy festiv...

  • Shannon Coffey

    Shannon Coffey View Profile

     Shannon Coffey was born in New York. At age five her family moved to Puerto Rico where she spent thirteen years trying to explain what freckles were. In 2003 she moved back to New York and began studying improvisation at UCB in 2006. Since then she's had the pleasure of studying under Shannon O'Neill, Chris Gethard, Curtis Gwinn, Anthony King, Joe Wengert, Zach Woods, Christina Gausas, Erik ...

  • Danny Cohen

    Danny Cohen View Profile

    New York based comedian, Danny Cohen, first gained recognition as the co-creator and co-host of Spin Cycle Comedy, a weekly comedy/variety show held in a Laundromat. The success of this show was featured in the style section of The New York Times, ABC news,CNN, MTV, Marie Claire Japan, Newsweek and London’s The Sunday Independent. Danny has also appeared on Comedy Centrals Premium Ble...

  • Mark Cohen

    Mark Cohen View Profile

  • Travis Cohen

    Travis Cohen View Profile

    Travis Cohen is no stranger to the limelight. He gave up a recurring role on ABC's "To Catch a Predator" to enter politics. He is actively campaigning for President for 2012 under the Jewpublican ticket. He's the right wing sex machine, he puts the party in tea party, the lican in Republican, and the organ in community organizing. This country has problems and Travis has the answers. ...

  • Vic Cohen

    Vic Cohen View Profile

    Vic Cohen is known by many for his starring appearances on NBC's hit primetime show, "Howie Do It!"  In addition to performing outrageous hidden camera stunts alongside host Howie Mandel, Vic had a regular segment called, "Vic Cohen. People Person," where he hit the streets as a comedic reporter! You may also know Vic from his frequent appearances on Fox's hit show, "...

  •  Cojo

    Cojo View Profile

    Celebrity insider, style maven, diva favorite, bestselling author, and America’s top red carpet guru Steven Cojocaru (Cojo) is known for his memorable and intimate sit-downs with today’s biggest and most sought-after stars. Cojo has conducted standout interviews with Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston...

  • Dave Colan

    Dave Colan View Profile

    Dave has performed and trained at The Playground, IO, The Annoyance, and Second City in Chicago. He toured America with the Second City touring company, performed and wrote shows with Second City-Denver, and was a brief member of Second City - Las Vegas. After understudying Second City in Chicago, he moved to Los Angeles. He can be seen performing at the Westside in the Mission IMPROVable show.

  • Stephen Colbert

    Stephen Colbert View Profile

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