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  • Pavlovs Dogs

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    This group of BS veterans returns once again to display its signature style of intelligent, full-throttle, long-form improv. Pavlov's Dogs has been delivering scene-based improvisation that is guaranteed to be at least 51 percent funny for the last 19 years! 

  • Pavlovs Dogs End Of The Month

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    Do you remember what happened in 2017? Of course you don't. The 24-hr news cycle has turned our short term memory into mush. So instead of celebrating and remembering notable moments at the end of the year, Pavlov's Dogs is doing it at the end of every month in the (wait for it...) "End of the Month Show." This improvised show rips a month's worth of headlines and people'...

  • Dick Doherty

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     For over 48 years Dick Doherty's career has taken him on a whirlwind tour around the world, the nation and through time. From New England happy-hour Super Star in the early 60's., to headlining shows at New York's renowned Copacabanna Club in the 70's. Since his first performance at The Improv at Merv Griffin's Resorts International, Atlantic City in the 80's, Dick...

  • Kerri Doherty

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    Kerri Doherty is a comedy writer/actor/storyteller. Originally from Carver, Massachusetts, home to lots of cranberry bogs and a Renaissance Faire, Kerri spent her high school years performing in high school plays and interning at Carver Community Access Television, where she created really bad sketches for the school’s morning show that she thought were good at the time but were really ...

  • Mike Dolan

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  • Manhattan Dolls

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    Hop aboard the Chattanooga Choo Choo and join The Manhattan Dolls on a

  • Jamal Doman

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    Jamal Doman has been called "a comedian's comedian" by his peers! The Philadelphia native started doing stand-up in his hometown in 1993. In 1998 Jamal moved to Hollywood and quckly became an industry favorite. Soon Jamal landed spots on such shows as "Showtime At The Apollo," "BET Comicview," "Martin Lawrence Presents The 1st Amendment,&q...

  • Kevin Dombrowski

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    Kevin Dombrowski is a standup comedian that constantly finds himself in the wrong place at the right time for comedy. A regular around the New York comedy circuit, Kevin has been seen multiple times on The Artie Lange Show on DirecTV, Comedy Time TV, and The Wendy Williams Show. Kevin has been cast in a series of Geico SportsNite Commercials, entitled ‘The House Of Fans’ as ...

  • Lauren Dombrowski

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  • Alex Dominguez

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  • Stevie Dominguez

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    Stevie is a budding comedian based in Los Angeles.  

  • Pete Dominick

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    Stand-up comedian, humorist, and commentator Pete Dominick is on a stable trajectory to becoming a household name. He stormed the New York City comedy scene in the late '90s, quickly making a name for himself locally as an emcee all the Manhattan clubs wanted hosting their best lineups. Meanwhile, Pete was sought by colleges nationwide, performing on over 300 campuses in just four years. Pete&...

  • Ryan Donahue

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    In two short years, Ryan Donahue has become recognized as one of the most original voices in Boston comedy. In 2014 he was a finalist in both the Devilcup and the Boston Comedy Festival, and has since performed with Tig Notaro, Gary Gulman, and Eugene Mirman. Ryan is currently the producer and host of Strange Behavior at Davis Square Theatre, a monthly show that features national headliners along ...

  • Joe Donatelli

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  • Liz Donehue

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    Liz Donehue is originally from Seattle, Washington. She moved to Minneapolis in early 2011 for a fresh start post-college and to dip her toes into the comedy scene. Although her comedy is clean, she speaks with serious wit and fire. Her stage presence is "laugh-out-loud funny" and extremely comfortable. She has won over audiences in the Twin Cities and in Wisconsin with great charm and wit.

  • Monster Dongs Of Comedy

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  • Andrew Donnelly

    Andrew Donnelly View Profile

     Andrew majored in history at a small midwestern college and then became the United States ambassador to China. While in China, Andrew started an open-mic where he was discovered and put on NBC’s Late Friday, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, the Late Late show on CBS as well as the Montreal ...

  • Sean Donnelly

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    When he's not catching a nap with his bulldog, Rickles, Sean can be found headlining clubs all over New York, including Caroline's, Gotham, Stand Up NY, and The Stand.  He has appeared on MTV's "World of Jenks" and "The Late Show with David Letterman."  Sean was a Comic Stand-Off finalist at the 2010 Magners Comedy Festival, performed at the Bridgetown ...

  • Becky Donohue

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    2008 MAC Award nominee for "Best Stand-Up", Becky Donohue is a national headliner with over a decade of standup comedy experience performing at clubs and colleges all over the country, as well as abroad.   TV appearances include Comedy Central's Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, Premium Blend, Shorties Watchin' Shorties, A&E's 15 Films About Madonna, and interstitial standup clip...

  • Mike Donovan

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     Mike has been a headlining stand-up comedian since 1978. Mike has appeared on SHOWTIME and has had his sports material featured on ESPN's SPORTSCENTER. He has toured 38 cities with Steven Wright and regularly appears in Las Vegas, N.Y., and Atlantic City. Mike's written work has been published in Sports Illustrated, The Patriot Ledger, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Phoenix, and Sports ...

  • Steve Donovan

    Steve Donovan View Profile

     Stephen Donovan doesn't know what to do. He's been doing morning radio since 2003 the #1-rated "Jen & Steve Show" on 104.5 WXLO.  He's hosted television shows, earning three Emmy nominations for his hosting of "The Batter's Box" (NESN) and "Community Auditions" (syndicated).  He has acted on stage ("Shear Madness") and has appeared in sev...

  • The Don't Try This At Home Tour

    The Don't Try This At Home Tour View Profile

  • Mary Doodles

    Mary Doodles View Profile

    Artist, Entertainer & Youtuber.  Mary Doodles is the online moniker of the Minnesota-born artist.  Best known for her Youtube channel featuring artwork and tutorials, she is also a regular improv performer at the Westside Comedy Theater.

  • Ayanna Dookie

    Ayanna Dookie View Profile

     Ayanna Dookie is a stand-up comedian based in Brooklyn, New York.  She is the 2014 winner of The She Devil Comedy Festival.  She also earned a spot in the semi-finals of NBC’s Stand-Up for Diversity and a finalist in the New York Underground Comedy Festival Emerging Comics Competition.  She has appeared on Comcast-on-Demand, is currently a cast member on F...

  • Paul Dooley

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  • Rusty Dooley

    Rusty Dooley View Profile

  • Ry Doon

    Ry Doon View Profile

    Ryan Doon started his standup career in Boston, MA in 2012 after years of being an extremely poor and struggling musician.  Soon after starting standup he became one of the most watched people on Vine, boasting over 3 million followers.  Although he's mostly known for his videos, standup comedy is Ry's true passion.  You can catch him on 'Maron' on IFC, Funny Or Die,...

  • Todd Doram

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    Todd Doram made his rise to mediocrity during a 2 TV dating show winning streak (Excused & Baggage.) That good fortune came to a grinding stop where he took 6th out of 22 in the 3rd season of CMT's Sweet Home Alabama.    He literally gets dozens of likes on his Facebook & Instagram posts, but cannot land 10 Re-Tweets for all the love in Grandma's pantry.    The Come...

  • Jimmy Dore

    Jimmy Dore View Profile

    Jimmy Dore is an American comedian who has been performing stand-up comedy for 19 years. He was born and raised into a catholic family of 12 on the southwest side of Chicago, Illinois. Jimmy is the star of several Comedy Central specials, and a writer performer for the Off-Broadway hit "The Marijuana -Logues", His latest effort "CITIZEN JIMMY" a one hour Comedy Central Speci...

  • Jon Dore

    Jon Dore View Profile

    Named one of "10 comics to watch" by Variety, Ottawa-born comedian, host and actor Jon Dore is renowned for his offbeat humour and unique bait-and-switch style.  Dore is a favourite on the comedy club and festival circuit in Canada and the United States. He has hosted theJust for Laughs Festival Homegrown Comedy Competition on a number of occasions and has enj...

  • North Dorito

    North Dorito View Profile

  • Devin Dornboss

    Devin Dornboss View Profile

     Devin D. Dornboss is a Comedian/Actor in Southern California. He has worked with Rubicon Theater, Elite Theater, Ventura College Theater, Conejo Players theater and Goleta Valley theater. From Shakespeare to Musicals he has done it all. His real passion is comedy. Starting Ventura Colleges first ever comedy club "3D Comedy" and performing stand up in Los Angeles (Comedy Store), Ven...

  • Justine Dorsey

    Justine Dorsey View Profile

  • Joe Dosch

    Joe Dosch View Profile

  • Chris Doucette

    Chris Doucette View Profile

     If Oscar Wilde and Tina Fey had a baby, and the only books that baby read were compilations of Calvin & Hobbes comic strips, you’d get Chris Doucette. Chris is the son of a trucker and the first in his family to graduate college. He’s got a blue collar attitude with an ivy league wit. His humor is current, topical, and completely original. Said one audience member, “I ...

  • Rob Dougie

    Rob Dougie View Profile

  • JT Douglas

    JT Douglas View Profile

    JT knew at an early age that the coal mines were no place for a singer. After leaving Western Pennsylvania with a lung full of coal dust and a dream, he packed up his guitar, screwed on his iron foot (grizzly bear incident) and headed west. Through biting ice storms and an onslaught of fruit bats, JT finally made it to Wisconsin where he got all "educationalized" as he calls it, and move...

  • Jack Douglass

    Jack Douglass View Profile

  • Gary Dourdan

    Gary Dourdan View Profile

    Gary Dourdan is widely known for portraying Warrick Brown on the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Dourdan stars as Chef McKenna in the film Jumping the Broom, released nationally in May 2011.

  • Cody Dove

    Cody Dove View Profile

    Cody Dove (Ensemble) is excited to be performing in Chicago as part of this talented ensemble. He recently appeared in Baltimore: Charmed and Dangerous for Centerstage, and before that The Second City Does Arizona for Arizona Theater Company. He is a proud alumnus of The Second City Cleveland - where he performed in every revue they produced including Burning Riverdance, For Those About to Iraq,...

  • Lauren Dowden

    Lauren Dowden View Profile

    Lauren Dowden (Ensemble) co-wrote /performed Broads on Boards – The Annoyance Theater. The Second City: It Takes a ‘Ville! - Actor’s Theatre, Louisville, KY, Rod Blagojevich Superstar - Lisa Madigan, Second City Does Arizona – Arizona Theatre Company, Reverie - Montreal Just For Laughs, The Not Ready For $3.99 Prime Rib Players - Las Vegas, No Shirt, No Shoes, No Weapons...

  • Settle Down Kids

    Settle Down Kids View Profile

    The Settle Down Kids – aka SDK – is a collab channel of six YouTubers, Joey, Jonah, Ryan, Josh, Adam, and Nick, based on the the East Coast that posts videos daily, all relating to a weekly theme. Each week's theme is announced by a featured YouTuber guest on their series "Surprise Sundays". Their growing audience and industry clout has them positioned to be YouTube&rsquo...

  • Kevin Downey Jr

    Kevin Downey Jr View Profile

    Comedian, columnist Kevin Downey, Jr. has been recently labeled, “refreshingly bizarre” by fellow comedian Joe Mulligan. Kevin headlined small rooms all over the U.S. and enjoyed a “cult” following, (that means only 28 people dug him), until his frequent and on-going bookings at the Comedy Stop at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, which has brou...

  • Robert Downey JR JR

    Robert Downey JR JR View Profile

    Robert Downey Jr Jr is an improvised comedy troupe from Los Angeles, CA.  

  • Gordon Downs

    Gordon Downs View Profile

    Gordon Downs is a stand-up comedian and writer based out of San Diego, California. A former music journalist, Downs' served as Editor for the popular Southern California fanzine Modern Fix, and was also Co-Publisher of Brooklyn-based fanzine IMPOSE Magazine from 2004-2007. Known for his voracious crowd work and biting commentary on America's dystopian horizon, you can catch Gordon Downs performing...

  • Jason Downs

    Jason Downs View Profile

         Hot off the heels of the release of his debut comedy album, Excessive Talking, Jason Downs is one of the fastest-rising stars on the comedy scene today. Upon its release, Excessive Talking was instantly selected by iTunes as a Featured Album for an astonishing 17 weeks in a row. A Rooftop Comedy Production,Excessive Talking immediately broke the to...

  • Jordan Doww

    Jordan Doww View Profile

    Jordan Doww is an actor, known for The 101 (2015), Supreme Justice with Judge Karen (2014) and CW’s The Baldwin Cafe (2014) and YouTube personality. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Jordan moved to Los Angeles in August of 2014 to pursue his dreams of making a name for himself in the entertainment industry, specifically acting. On Jordan’s YouTube channel, he features personalized li...

  • Jimmy Doyle

    Jimmy Doyle View Profile

    Jimmy Doyle is an actor and writer perhaps best known as the loveable dad or costumed character in numerous TV commercials. He's also an accomplished essayist and spoken word performer, and an alumnus of The Second City. Jimmy began his successful solo performance career nearly two decades ago as a Chicago Reader Critic’s Choice, and his most recent one-man show, “Must Be Nice,” ...

  • The Doyle & Debbie Show

    The Doyle & Debbie Show View Profile

    About The Doyle and Debbie Show The Doyle and Debbie Show is sublime parody, simultaneously lampooning and idolizing country music's tradition of iconic duos and their subsequent battle of the sexes. Bruce Arntson and Jenny Littleton wield the vocals of vintage country stars and the acting chops of Broadway veterans, taking audiences on a freewheeling joyride through a wickedly funny script and...

  •  Dr. Limptooth

    Dr. Limptooth View Profile

    Dr.Limptooth Salt Lake City, Utah May 2011, 93 mi Southern California Premiere Synopsis: Wayne Gretzky (no relation) is a vampire who can't grow his teeth. His impotence began when he inadvertently killed Mary Lipinsky, the love of his life, 300 years ago. To take his mind off the pain, he teaches college history--who better? Attempting to regain his full power, he enlists help from his ...

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