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  • Jade Harlow

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    "The Bay" "Passions"

  • Dan Harmon

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    The creator, writer and producer of hit comedy series such as NBC’s “Community” and Comedy Central’s “The Sarah Silverman Program,” DAN HARMON is one funny dude. Harmon, along with fellow funny man, Jeff Davis (Whose Line Is It Anyway?) can currently be heard on their comedy podcast HARMONTOWN. The podcast fulfills Harmon’s dream to found a colony for like-minded misfits where he serves as mayor a...

  • Birch Harms

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     Birch is an actor, writer and comedian based out of NYC. He studied improv and sketch at the UCB and has oodles of experience performing as a member of such UCB house teams as The Scam, 1985, Creep, and two other house teams. Birch is also a writer and cast member of several musical, semi-musical and completely-non-musical comedy shows at the UCBT. On top of all that, he loves hosting gigs a...

  • Tim Harmston

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    Tim Harmston began his comedy career in 2002 at an open mic in the prestigious Mall of America, the second largest shopping mall in the world. Only one year later, he won Acme Comedy Company's 2003 "Funniest Person in the Twin Cities" contest. Tim has played some of the finest comedy clubs in the country, where he's known for his odd stories, sharp one-liners and unpredictable punchlines....

  • Jess Harnell

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    Named by the entertainment industry’s Variety magazine as one of the top ten voice actors in the business, the Emmy-nominated Jess Harnell is truly one of the best and busiest. “If I wasn’t getting paid for this, I’d be doing it for free in a parking lot somewhere.” Born on the east coast and moving to California when he was ten, Jess always knew he’d end up as ...

  • Vince Harper

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    Now entering “Midlife Meltdown”, Vince is pursuing the dream while living the nightmare. Vince has come to the realization that things aren't working out exactly as he’d planned…... Someone stole his identity and actually raised his FICO score! Vince is a former male stripper (that was the beginning of his comedy career) and he’s traded in his g-string for a microphone cord. In the comed...

  • Adam Harrington

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      Adam has been doing stand-up comedy all over Los Angeles for 12 years now and was a fixture of Whiteboy Comedy, which is now MF Grand Comedy.  I know, it's confusing. He was a finalist in the Boston Comedy Festival in 2002 and 2003 and has performed at most of the big clubs in that great comedy town.  It's also a great sports town.  Some might say the greatest, especially ov...

  • Tim Harrington

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    Tim Harrington is a hungry young comedian working all over Los Angeles. Through storytelling he explores the oddities of social behavior. Tim is obsessed with how people relate to each other, drawing inspiration from his personal life. Originally from Baltimore, MD he disarms his audiences with a very direct approach.  Tim is the host and co-producer of GLORY HOLE; a very successful monthly ...

  • Camille Harris

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    Making her debut at the Metropolitan Room, Camille Harris, a young, silly-jazz singer, pianist, and songwriter is thrilled to present her original, energetic songs, beautiful, soaring melodies, and hilarious, but occasionally tragic stories. * Camille! Young Silly!*, Harris' popular one-woman cabaret is performed alongside her signature Silly Band, and has been known to induce both smiles and...

  • David Harris

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    If you're looking for pithy and quaint observations about the human conditions, don't hire David Harris. David is a bitter, angry man with a raging sexual addiction.  He rails against the conventions of religion, political correctness, consumer culture, and women.  His acerbic wit will leave you in stitches. He has performed with such comedy legends as Reverend Bob Levy, Otto & Geo...

  • Ian Harris

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    A fascinating and funny mix of spot-on impressions and clever, cutting-edge comedy, Ian Harris' act has landed him coveted appearances on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!, Comedy Central, as well as TWO, one-hour TV specials "Critical & Thinking"" which AXS TV  called "A truly masterful hour of wit, humor and derisive jabbing" and “ExtraOrdinary”( 2017), of w...

  • J Harris

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    Every month J-Harris draws a consistent 300+ fans to see him perform and present the best artists in the world, at his critically acclaimed live art show LoveJonesNYC. J-Harris and LoveJonesNYC were recently featured on VH1's new hit show Love & Hip Hop. J-Harris has also been featured in ESSENCE, Billboard Magazine, People Magazine, Beyonce's I Am World Tour, and as one of Tyra Banks Favorite Hun...

  • Jarrod Harris

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    Over 15 million people have seen Jarrod’s popular Action Figure Therapy characters and were recently named LA Weekly’s “Top Comic To Watch in 2012″. His character Jungle was also featured on the front page of the Huffington Post Comedy section in 2011. Jarrod has also been seen on TBS’ Lopez Tonight and Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham. Campus Activities Magazine named him as one of the Hot Comic...

  • JF Harris

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    J.F. Harris is a stand up comic & writer, The Chicago Tribune recently named him one of the “Comics to see before they are famous.” He got his start in improv and sketch comedy at the IO Theater & Annoyance Theater in Chicago. J.F. Has also trained and can be seen performing regularly at the UCB theaters in both New York City and LA. You may have caught him on Adult Swim or ...

  • Matthew Harris

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    Matthew Harris is a UCLA graduate with a BA in Theater. He was born in Stockton, California at a hospital between a graveyard and the county jail, hence his interest in comedy. Matthew has been in several national commercials, appeared on Comedy Central and Adult Swim specials, co starred on “The Lonely Island” opposite Andy Samberg, and starred in “The Pretty Boy Project&rdquo...

  • Rachael Harris

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     Harris performed with the Los Angeles, California, improvisational comedy troupe the Groundlings, and taught for a time with the Groundlings school. She debuted on television in a 1993 episode of SeaQuest DSV. After an appearance on Star Trek: Voyager in 1997, Harris went on to a recurring role in The WB's Sister, Sister. Other television credits include a stint as a correspondent for The D...

  • Ralph Harris

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    Ralph Harris is one of today’s hottest comedic and acting talents! He made his feature film debut in "Dreamgirls," a film that has struck gold (of the Golden Globe variety). Ralph’s jump to the big screen comes after years of successful television work, including appearances on "Seinfeld," "Parenthood," "Nick Freno," "Living Single" and "In Living Color." No stranger to late night, Ralph has been ...

  • Rick Harris

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  • Del Harrison

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    She’s so funny, Rosie O’Donnell opened for her. Well, actually Rosie stopped in to do a guest set right before Del went on, but still, Del killed it right after that. Del Harrison or DEL, as most people call her, is very funny.  We mean laugh-out-loud-tell-a-friend funny and she’s diverse: a singer, actor, writer, host and one hell of an entrepreneur. In 2009, DEL created An...

  • Julia WD Harrison

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  • Justin Harrison

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  • Michael Harrison

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    Utilizing a clever, honest, and outrageous style, Michael Harrison is comfortable in any environment. Whether performing at a college, corporate meeting, private party, or a bar, he always delivers a hysterical comedy show that keep his audiences wanting more. Michael’s natural talent and infectious energy has supplied him with a strong following all over North America. He has earned ...

  • Reid Harrison

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  • Tim Harrison

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  •  Hannah Hart

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  • Erin Hart

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  • Kevin Hart

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    If there’s one thing Kevin Hart can do, it’s sell shoes.  If there’s one thing Kevin Hart can do better than sell shoes, it’s explode into one of the foremost comedians and entertainers in the industry today.   Hart has continued to work non-stop and 2014 is no exception. Hart currently stars in About Last Night, a re-make of the iconic 1986 film, which ope...

  • Kevin Hart

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  • Kipp Hart

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    Kipp got his start in comedy on the rivers of the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. He was invited to perform in the first ever Skipper Stand Up. A show consisting only of current or former Jungle Cruise Skippers. Kipp uses an eclectic variety of subjects that exposes what has been called a "magnificently awkward" style.

  • Mamrie Hart

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    Mamrie Hart is an actress, comedian and New York Times Best-selling author who established a stand-out presence in the Pop Culture zeitgeist with her popular YouTube Channel, You Deserve a Drink. Reaching over 3 million followers across her social media channels, her influence as a creator earned her a coveted position in Variety’s annual list of Hollywood’s New Leaders 2016. Mamrie...

  • Menuhin Hart

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  • Nick Hart

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    Originally from upstate South Carolina, Nick Hart combines that southern story telling tradition w/a keen paranoid eye on society that will have you laughing out loud and thinking to yourself and possibly vice-versa. Having participated in The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in 2011, LaughFest 2014, as well as placing 3rd in the 2014 Madison's Funniest Comic and opened for acts like Marc Maron and ...

  • Sean Hart

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      Sean has been doing standup, improv and sketch comedy since moving to Los Angeles in 1999. He was an original member of the UCLA TV sketch show "The Mike and Ben Show" where he learned to write, direct, film and edit comedy videos. Upon graduating UCLA Theater he continued his education at Groundlings and Westside Comedy Theater, where he studied improv while performing at ...

  • Sean Hart

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     Sean Hart cannot believe he started taking classes at the UCB Theater when he was just nineteen years old. Since then he's played with a the innovative Harold team "Fwand," founded the "controversial" improv group "Shit-Storm," and starred as a MC Freshy Fresh in the revival of "The Real Real World." Sean also wrestles as "Uncle" Eddie Edison...

  • Rondell Hartley

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  • John Hartman

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    John Hartman (Ensemble) is so happy to perform with The Second City. He has written and performed two solo shows at The Annoyance Theatre, Your Friends and Enemies and I'm Sorry I Missed You, both of which received Time Out Chicago Critic's Picks, and he has also performed at the TBS Just for Laughs Festival. He performs improv around Chicago at the iO Theater with The Armando Diaz Theatrical Ex...

  • Lori Hartman

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    Lori Hartman has a voice that is immediately appealing. She has a fresh, exciting approach to standards, jazz originals and pop tunes and captivates the listener right from the start with her approach to song and respect for lyrics. A native New Yorker, Lori was introduced to music and particularly the jazz scene at an early age, accompanying her father, renowned jazz singer and balladee...

  • Jennifer Hartnett

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  • Michael Hartney

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    Michael Hartney is the creator of So I Like Superman: A One-Nerd Show, which has been running for 8 months at UCB Theatre. He also is a writer/actor on the UCB house sketch team Arbuckle. Michael has been seen in the film BearCity and SpikeTV's Phowned - but is probably best known for laughing like a jackass in that AT&T carpool commercial.

  • Kevin Harts Hart Of The City Showcase

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  • Nick Harvey

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  • Steve Harvey

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  • Hurricane Harvey Donations

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    If you are not able to attend a show this week, but would like to donate to the Dallas County VOAD for those affected by Hurricane Harvey, please donate here!

  • James Harvey Heard

    James Harvey Heard View Profile

    James Harvey Heard has been winning fans all over the Southwest for the past 8 years. Always funny with a twisted perspective on him self, his family and those around him.

  • Ian Harvie

    Ian Harvie View Profile

     No matter who you are, who you love or where you come from, Ian Harvie will make you feel as though you are family. Everyone will be able to relate to his observations about life, relationships, and the routine challenges we all face from day-to-day. His wickedly funny stories are couched in an amiable personality that could put any audience at ease, while his folksy, ingenuous delivery almo...

  • Arif Hasan

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     Arif Hasan's comic spark is becoming a full-on blaze! This up and coming comedian has sold out shows at the legendary 'Purple Onion' in San Francisco, served up the funny at the World famous 'Comedy Store' in Hollywood,and left his New York audiences in stiches. Arif's clean and clever brand of comedy has been deemed a long awaited breath of fresh air. His stand-up show will take you on &nbs...

  • John Haskell

    John Haskell View Profile

     John Wyatt Haskell is a human male who currently lives in New York. He has studied improv at UCB New York and he performs stand up and sketch comedy around New York City. John is in the two-man sketch group Two Fun Men. Two Fun Men has performed one full-length show at the UCB Theater, as well as performed in the New York, Austin, and Chicago sketch comedy festivals. John has over 236 (!) ...

  • Steve Hasley

    Steve Hasley View Profile

     Steve Hasley is an actor and comic based in Los Angeles. He has performed at all the major clubs in Los Angeles and New York City, plus headlined in San Diego, Buffalo, and for many gay prides and RSVP Cruises. As an actor he can be seen on multiple episodes of Will & Grace, How I Met Your Mother and most recently recurring on the NBC summer show, Love Bites. In his spare time, when n...

  • King Hassan

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    King Hassan was born in the real town of the fictional character Forest Gump in Greensboro Alabama. He has lived in London and Nigeria before making his roots in San Jose where he worked at the World famous San Jose improv as a server getting hands on training from the best to ever do it. His comedy career really took off in small bar in Calgary which launched his comic career traveling the glob...

  • Adam Hastings

    Adam Hastings View Profile

    Adam has been a finalist in Phoenix’s Funniest Person, OC’s Funniest, and was voted Audience Favorite in the LA Comedy Competition. He began doing stand up comedy in college at the suggestion of his friends and grew to love it. His comedy is a blend of witticism mixed with awkward self-realization. Credits include Comedy Time TV, Comedy Central’s Open Mic Fight, and he was fea...

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