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  • Drew Hastings

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    “Isn’t it ironic that the finest coffees in the world come from countries where no one has a reason to get up in the morning”? This is a typical observation from Drew Hastings as he surveys the crowd and begins his show in a recent stand-up performance. At 6′6″ tall, clad in a tailored black suit and trademark black horn-rimmed glasses, Hastings is a commanding...

  • Jen Hasty

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    Jennifer has been acting a long time. That's it. End of story. Oh, all right here's some more... She received her bachelors in theater in the year 19-something. While in college, Jennifer won the prestigious Irene Ryan acting award and has milked it ever since. She is also a classically trained singer and is relentlessly told she should "do something" with her voice which never ceases to irritate ...

  • We Hate Movies

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    Each week the WHM gang force themselves to watch bad movies that were better left forgotten to fuel off-the-wall tangents, inane impressions and unabashed comedic silliness. This is a comedy podcast for movie lovers that can't help but relish pure trash.

  • Jamal Hattar

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    Having spent most of my adult life in Miami,  I offer a cocktail of humor that mixes the East and the West.. Living in Miami adds a great Latin flavored humor. When I was a kid rainbows were in black and white Lived in the US for over 30 years,  four of them cuban I have two beautiful kids and one ugly one I also do charity work. over a  hundred thousand dollars ...

  • Julie Haven

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    Julie Haven has been singing ever since she spoke her first word. Never known to be shy around an audience, Julie always craved the spotlight. She started early, using cylinder blocks as microphones to perform in front of her preschool class. By the young age of seven, Julie had already written her first song. Her strong love of music has been with her all her life. Her first performances were in ...

  • Julie Haven & Arthur

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  • David Haverty

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  • Allan Havey

    Allan Havey View Profile

    Allan Havey is a well-respected actor and comedian, dubbed by the NY TIMES as “cocksure, irreverent, and very funny”.  In the past year he has guest starred on LOUIE, UP ALL NIGHT, THE OFFICE, GOOD LUCK CHARLIE, and made nine appearances as Lou Avery on seasons six and seven of AMC’S MAD MEN.  According to TV GUIDE, his character became “the most hated man on t...

  • J.R. Havlan

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    J.R. Havlan is a 7-time Emmy Award winning writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart who has worked at the show since the very first day it started in 1996. Before that J.R. wrote monologue jokes and did crowd warm-up for Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. He was a contributing writer for "America (The Book)" and "Earth (The Book)", two Daily Show projects that were on the...

  • Calise Hawkins

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  • Caroline Hawkins

    Caroline Hawkins View Profile

  • Clive Hawkins

    Clive Hawkins View Profile

    Clive is the epitome of what can go wrong when East meets West. Raised in Tokyo until age 15, his first exposure to America was at the butt end of a loaded gun when he attended Military School in Massachusetts, where he first began acting. He then attended college where he did more partying than studying before moving to Los Angeles in 2000. Clive's professional training includes study at Lee Stra...

  • Robert Hawkins

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    What should someone expect from your act? I try to stay as personal as possible. Having been in this business for fifteen years now, I've noticed that material that's personal has more legs and is harder to steal than just about everything else. Instead of looking at food and saying something like, "You think cauliflower and broccoli fight?" I also comment on television, pop cultur...

  • Tony Hawks

    Tony Hawks View Profile

    Comedian, actor and author, Tony’s credits include BBC 1’s If I Ruled The World and Have I Got News For You. But he has become best known for his travel books Round Ireland with a Fridge, Playing the Moldovans at Tennis and most recently One Hit Wonderland.

  • Amy E Hawthorne

    Amy E Hawthorne View Profile

    Amy Hawthorne is a White Trash Debutante who used to lead a respectable life. Onstage she's either relating stories of drunken jackassery or railing against everyday stupidities. Amy is also the creative force behind

  • Laura Hayden

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    Laura Hayden leaves no sordid stone unturned in her stand-up comedy. The mastermind behind the multi-media show “I Didn’t Mean To Be A Virgin In The 80’s,”All topics are fair game for Laura, from her own stories of coming of age to the bizarre and all too funny real life experiences she witnesses as a physical therapist. Laura has appeared in clubs, theatres, casi...

  • Justin Hayes

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    Justin Hayes is a product of the Northwest, but his comedy is worldly. With his uncanny ability to connect with a wide audience and an innate sense of humor, he is able to reach any socio-economical group. Justin took 3rd in the Portland Comedy Competition in November 2004 and 1st in the USA World Showcase at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada in February 2005. He has opened for Brad Garrett f...

  • Katie Hayes

    Katie Hayes View Profile

    Hayes spent her entire adolescence playing the tuba, with braces, which pretty much goes to prove you can do anything you put your mind to. Once the braces came off, Katie headed to NYC, where she produced the standup show "Girls Gone Funny." Recently, she made the move to LA to pursue a more intimate relationship with kale, and to talk all things Bieber on TMZ.  She has performe...

  • Spanky Hayes

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    Short in size but big on laughs. Spanky Hayes was born Carlos Hayes and is a native of Detroit, MI. and is best known as the wildest cast member of MTV's hit improv comedy show, Nick Cannon's Wild n Out Show. Also known for his outrageous stand-up comedy show, Spanky has received raved reviews for his appearance on HBO's Badboys of Comedy, BET's Comic View and many others to name a few. Spanky Ha...

  • Teague Hayes

    Teague Hayes View Profile

    Many years ago, a young Teague Hayes found himself torn between the worlds of Jack Benny, George Burns, as well as those of Steve Martin and Woody Allen. Since then he has been bridging those worlds together and adding his own unique twist, with results as smooth as a perfect martini. Teague will leave no audience member behind with his accessible approach to intellectual humor, and intellectual a...

  • Andy Haynes

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  • Rob Haynes

    Rob Haynes View Profile

     Rob began his journey as the dorky kid in high school growing up in a small town in east Tennessee. He learned quickly that a chunky pale kid with a deep appreciation for horror movies and the work of George Lucas better be funny or be prepared to spend some time shoved in a locker. Rob, attended Middle Tennessee State University where he pursued a degree in broadcasting, with hopes to one d...

  • Robert Hays

    Robert Hays View Profile

  • Walker Hays

    Walker Hays View Profile

     Walker Hays is an NYC based comic transplant from LA. She originally hails from Baltimore but now prefers to live like a gypsy and not spend more than 72 hrs in any one place so she can be seen in clubs and festivals all over the country from Chicago to Texas to D.C. She's part of Refried Comedy, The Underwear Comedy Party and the creator of the popular NYC show "F*ck, Marry, Kill"...

  • DJ Hazard

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  • Rob Haze

    Rob Haze View Profile

    In a short amount of time Rob Haze has become a favorite stand up comedian across the country, after quickly rising up in the Atlanta comedy scene.  The Atlanta native started comedy as a junior at the University of Georgia, there it was apparent that he was destined to be a star. From the first time he touched the microphone people knew they were seeing something special. He went on to win t...

  • Pat Hazell

    Pat Hazell View Profile

  • The Hazzards

    The Hazzards View Profile

  • James Heaney

    James Heaney View Profile

    James Heaney first trained as an improviser studying at Chicago’s Second city in the late 1990’s. Several years later, while studying theater at Colombia College, James was given the opportunity to assistant teach the Improv 101 class taught by Brian Posen. In this same period of time, James joined Low Sodium Entertainment. LSE was an improv company directed by Aaron Habor that perf...

  • John Heard

    John Heard View Profile

    John Heard is well known for his role as Peter McCallister, the father in the first two installments of the Home Alone movie series. More recently he can be seen on CSI: Miami as recurring character Kenwall Duquesne.

  • Ann Hearn

    Ann Hearn View Profile

  •  Heart of the Matter

    Heart of the Matter View Profile

     Heart of the Matter (Los Angeles, CA, April 2008, 7 mins.) Short Film This satirical short film mocks a rediscovered marriage counseling VHS tape from the late1980s. Tom Lenk and Patty Wortham star as husband and wife marriage counseling team, Terry and Sheila. They demonstrate how to strengthen marital vows and sexual intimacy, while noticeably in complete denial of their own sexual qual...

  • Heidi Heaslet

    Heidi Heaslet View Profile

     Heidi's credentials include Direct TV's "#Millennials' series regular, Russel Simmon's All Def Digital, and the feature film "Big Bear".

  • Darrel Heath

    Darrel Heath View Profile

  • Sherif Hedayat

    Sherif Hedayat View Profile

    Since his return to stand up comedy in late 2006, Egyptian-American stand up comedian Sherif Hedayat has managed to keep busy. He was one of 72 comedians selected to compete in Comedy Central's Open Mic Fight in 2007. Also in 2007, he opened for the Axis Of Evil Comedy Tour. Most recently, he returned to Egypt after 14 years to perform in front of thousands on the Arabs Gone Wild Comedy Sh...

  • Mitch Hedberg

    Mitch Hedberg View Profile

  • Andrew Heder

    Andrew Heder View Profile

  • Kevin Heffernan

    Kevin Heffernan View Profile

      Fresh off their NETFLIX Stand Up Special, “FAT MAN LITTLE BOY” - Kevin and Steve are back on the road to make you laugh, play some Broken Lizard movie trivia, and reveal what strange events inspired the idea for Beerfest. This show has it all: stand up, stories and general gusto from two of your favorite Broken Lizard members - Kevin Heffernan (“Farva” in Super Tro...

  • John Heffron

    John Heffron View Profile

    Energetic and accessible, acclaimed standup John Heffron shares an array of relatable experiences from childhood through life as a married father. He’s learned a thing or two about relationships with family, friends, and even himself along his journeys, gaining an astute, uniquely honest perspective widely praised among his comedy peers. Audiences of all ages relate to his enthusiastic, h...

  • Don Hefty

    Don Hefty View Profile

          From the time he hits the stage either on the microphone or behind the turntables Don Hefty brings with him charisma, passion and energy. At a young age he was always fascinated by the world of entertainment & at 15 he began to hone his entertainment skills as a DJ/MC, It wasn't long until he found himself performing at parties and clubs throughout Southern Calif...

  • Peter Hefty

    Peter Hefty View Profile

  • Chris Hegedus

    Chris Hegedus View Profile

  • Luke Heggie

    Luke Heggie View Profile

     Brisbane-born Sydney labourer Luke Heggie began 2010 with the New Year’s Resolution that he’d get on stage and do some stand-up. His first gig was the one where he won his RAW Comedy heat; his second was the one where he got through the semi-final. His third was the one where he won the state final. If you can see a pattern appearing, you may well have guessed that Luke&rsqu...

  • Tim Heidecker

    Tim Heidecker View Profile

    Tim Heidecker is an actor, comedian, musician, writer and director. Best known as half of the comedy team of Tim and Eric, Heidecker, along with Eric Wareheim, created the television shows Tom Goes to the Mayor and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! His feature film debut, Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie premiered in March.

  • Amy Heidt

    Amy Heidt View Profile

     Amy Heidt is an actor & writer originally from North Carolina, which means that she enjoys almost every flavor of Mountain Dew. Almost. UCBT has been home to her two solo shows, Booze Cruise and Dominate Yourself!, the latter of which was also seen featured in the NY International Fringe Festival. Other stage work includes 4,000 Off-Off Broadway shows. Film & TV stuff include lots o...

  • Heather Height

    Heather Height View Profile

      Heather Height Bio   Not unlike many who find their paths leading to Stand-up comedy, the roots of Heather Height's career can be traced back to the classrooms and schoolyards she encountered during her parents generous attempts to expand her life experiences by moving from place to place, making her the perpetual “new kid,” which aided in her development of the ability...

  • Maria Heinegg

    Maria Heinegg View Profile

  • Frank Hejl

    Frank Hejl View Profile

     Frank Hejl is a graduate of the University of North Texas with a degree in Sociology and English. There, he had an indie/alt radio show called Frequency Down and studied improv and sketch comedy at Four Day Weekend Theater under David Wilk, David Ahearn, Frank Ford and Shane Estep. In January '07, he moved to New York to study at UCB. He has studied improv under Kate Spencer, Ari Voukydis, J...

  • Grace Helbig

    Grace Helbig View Profile

    Grace Helbig is a comedian, actress and video blogger. She’s the creator and star of the IAWTV and Streamy award winning web series “DailyGrace”  and “It’s Grace” with over a million and half subscribers. She plays ‘Idol’ in the Streamy nominated web comedy “MyMusic” and was a regular correspondent on G4′s Attack of the Sh...

  • Emily Heller

    Emily Heller View Profile

    Emily Heller is a comedian and writer who likes you very much. You may have seen her on Conan, on the third season of John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show on Comedy Central, or as one of the New Faces at the 2012 Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. She has been named a Comic to Watch by both Variety and Comedy Central. She is the creator and star of the Above Average series&nbs...

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