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  • Jenn Hellman

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     A South Florida favorite, Jen Hellman has shared the stage with talent including Jim Florentine, Mike Vecchione, Dexter Tucker, Myq Kaplan, Erik Myers, Wendi Starling, and Dean Napolitano. She is popular in clubs coast to coast and her material includes humorous pieces on everyday life, pop culture and poking fun at herself. Audiences are drawn into her hysterical, twisted, little world...

  • Ed Helms

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    Ed Helms was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. After attending Oberlin College in scenic Ohio, Ed headed for New York City to pursue comedy. For years Ed worked in the comedy trenches as a stand-up comedian, eventually earning regular spots at NYC's top comedy clubs and an appearance on the Fall 2002 season of Comedy Central's "Premium Blend." Television commercials have also factored heav...

  • Dennis Hemphill

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      Dennis Hemphill is not "green" anymore as they say in the bizzzzz. He is more close to black and blue at this point. That's because he has been through it all. From performing in the elite Groundling's Sunday Company creating SNL type sketches for a year and half to performing in the self created alternative style Comedy Cool Aid Stand Up Showcase, where he performs and books ...

  • Shirley Hemphill

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  • Finis Henderson

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  • Sean Henderson

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  • Kate Hendricks

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  • Andy Hendrickson

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    Andy Hendrickson is a comedian, writer and actor that built his career in New York City and now resides in Los Angeles. He has a clever, conversational style and has been engaging audiences for well over a decade. Since 2013, he’s had multiple TV appearances including: The Late Show with David Letterman, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Last Comic Standing (Season 9) and ...

  • Elizabeth Hendrickson

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    "The Young and the Restless"

  • Phil Hendrie

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    Satirist, actor, writer, Phil Hendrie makes your favorite characters like Bobbie Dooley and Steven Bosell come alive during his one man show. Watch Phil’s genius LIVE as he switches from character to character with ease and brings you into his world of comedy. You have never seen a show like this before so reserve your tickets now to see the legend, Phil Hendrie in action!  ...

  • Elaine Hendrix

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  • Leon Hendrix

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    Leon Hendrix is the younger brother of rock icon Jimi Hendrix, who encouraged him to pick up a guitar. Best known for his original artwork of his beloved brother Jimi & his songwriting regarding his life growing up as part of the Hendrix legacy.

  • Oral Henery

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    Oral “Tha Comedian” has been performing on the comedy circuit for only 27 months. He began his comedy career in the Washington, D.C. area shortly after his father passed away on April 6, 2009. He figured stand up is what his father would’ve wanted him to do. Oral’s first time on stage wasn’t at an open mic. Instead, he found himself opening up for Reginald “Br...

  • Derek Henkels

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  • Vic Henley

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    Vic Henley - Bio A true comedy veteran, Alabama-born Vic Henley has done it all. Co-author of a national bestselling book with fellow comedian Jeff Foxworthy, Vic has appeared on HBO, CBS, NBC, FOX, MTV, BRAVO, CMT and just about every other stand up comedy show on television. He was a VH-1 VJ and has his own Comedy Central Presents half hour special as well as performances on The Late Show with D...

  • Scott Hennelly

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    Scott Hennelly is a voice over artist, and has been performing live Improv and stand-up comedy for thirteen years in Los Angeles. Scott has played with such acclaimed Improv troupes as "The Transformers" and "Pop", and currently plays with "The Waterbrains" at The Westside Comedy Theater, a group he's been a member of for over 13 years. Scott is also a cast mem...

  • Eric Henning

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    People often tell Eric that he reminds them of the great magicians of the past. That's no coincidence, since he has spent more than three decades studying and performing some of the greatest magic in history. While still a student, Eric's love of magic's lore took him to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. More recently, the National Theatre featured his "Turn of the Century" - a Victorian-style...

  • Andrea Henry

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  • DL Henry

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  • Scott Henry

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    Scott Henry is an accomplished stand-up comedian, corporate emcee, actor, and voiceover actor. In addition to headlining in comedy clubs across the country, Scott has been seen on screen in “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,” “The King of Queens,” “Chelsea Lately,” and more.  He also has a supporting role in the provocative indie film, “Daddy,” wh...

  • Steve Henry

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  • Katherine Henryk

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  • Holly Hensen

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    Thirteen years ago Holly met the man she wanted to spend the rest of her live living with...and much to everyone's surprise, actually married him! Today they have two black labs, a fixer-upper in the suburbs and a woodpecker that loves cedar siding. At night Holly loves to ditch the housework and raise a little hell on heels! She is one of the most popular acts in the Twin Cities and can be h...

  • Lydia Hensler

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     Lydia Hensler is an Actress and Writer living and working in New York City. Lydia has been studying at UCB since 2005 and is thrilled to be performing on the Harold Team Grandma's Ashes. Lydia was previously on UCB's longest running Harold Team Bastian, and was proud to play with them for almost four years. Lydia was also a member of the 2006 Indie Cage Match winning team Big Tobacco and...

  • John Henson

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     John Henson An actor, writer, host and producer of over 1,400 hours of television, John Henson is entering his 6th season as co-host and producer of ABC’s hit reality series “Wipeout,” the #1 co-viewing show on television and winner of the 2012 “Kids Choice Award” for Best Reality Show. With an impressive 25 years in the business, Henson has established himsel...

  • John Henton

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    John Henton will never forget where it all started…on the road. John continues performing in clubs, writing new jokes, and traveling the country, but recently took a break to appear in a guest role on a “Hannah Montana” episode. Back in July of 2005, John performed at the Montreal International Comedy Festival – Just For Laughs. Initially scheduled for one performance a...

  • Bucky: Here and Now

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  • Myke Herlihy

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    Originally from Manchester, CT. Myke Herlihy is one of the most lovable jerks you’ll ever meet! After spending thirteen years behind bars, serving drinks not time, Myke now takes his bartender's wit to the stage. Whether he's discussing his failed relationships, ranting about the trials and tribulations of being an unplanned father, or reminiscing over the insanity that was his ch...

  • Kate Herman

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     Kate Herman was born on December 2nd in New York City. A new face on the stand-up scene, her act pulls from misadventures in modeling, over thought philosophies, and some current events. She frequently performs in NYC and LA. She has a beautiful cat named Scotch. 

  • Peggy Herman

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      PEGGY HERMAN SINGS JERRY HERMAN IN METROPOLITAN ROOM DEBUT     “HERMAN ON HERMAN... with a Touch of Merman” MAY 14 THROUGH JUNE 5   The wait is over! After a hiatus from the stage that left many of her fans wondering if life would ever have meaning again, Peggy Herman makes her much-anticipated return to the New York cabaret stage with a new show, “Her...

  • Art Hernandez

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    "If hip-hop and punk rock found a human baby abandoned on the front porch of their love den, then decided to raise that baby to skateboard and run his garbage mouth, that baby would definitely look up to the comedy stylings of Art Hernandez." -The real Ghandi Art Hernandez is a Los Angeles based comic, born and raised in Culver City, California. His comedy is mostly based on his own per...

  • Darling Hernandez

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  • Jeffrey Hernandez

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  • Ryan Hernandez

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  • Teo Hernandez

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  • Tim Hernandez

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  • Xchel Hernandez

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    A recent transplant to the great state of Minnesota, Xchel Hernandez has performed all around the country. Xchel was a regular at the the Tempe Improv and has been selected to perform in several festivals including Out of Bounds and The World Series of Comedy. His dedication has awarded him Runner Up in The House of Comedy's Funniest Person with a Day Job in Minneapolis, MN. In addition to sta...

  • Saffron Herndon

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    Saffron Herndon is a stand-up comedian who is not scared to share her feelings on anything from politics and religion to her distaste for her public school and parents' flaws. Although hearing her material is akin to conversing with a mature adult, her youthful take on these adult topics will astound any audience and leave them wanting to hear more. 

  • Carlos Herrera

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    ex-hollywood assistant, ex-boyfriend, stand-up comedian

  • Mauricio Herrera

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     Mauricio Herrera, Finalist on AMERICA'S GOT TALENT 2011, as seen Featured on NBC4 Channel News Los Angeles, “E” Entertainment News, Entertainment Tonight, The Talk, Extra TV and many more... Having been seen and admired by over 98 MILLION PEOPLE on the 7 times he was on America's Got Talent last Season (Average of 14 Million per episode) & with over 195.000 Fans on his Soc...

  • Mara Herron

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  • Walker Herschel

    Walker Herschel View Profile

    Walker Herschel performs silly, quirky comedy sketches that make people laugh, think, and laugh some more! The troupe was formed in 2017 as part of Dallas Comedy House's inaugural house sketch "Walker" program. Since that time, this comedy ensemble has written and performed in scores of sketches that have been featured in a monthly DCH Walker house show.  The team's 2018 fes...

  • Marc Herschmann

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  • Raanan Hershberg

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  • Marc Hershon

    Marc Hershon View Profile

    Marc Hershon, host and executive producer of Succotash, the Comedy Podcast Podcast, started podcasting in 2011. He considers himself to be a bit of a Renaissance man without the Black Plague. He has a background in terrestrial radio, producing live comedy shows, performing and teaching improv comedy, as well as writing. He’s written several movies for the Hallmark Channel, a business book en...

  • Seth Herzog

    Seth Herzog View Profile

    Seth Herzog is a popular NYC comedian, who is currently a sketch performer and the resident comedian for the "Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon," and formerly of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." In the last year, he has also hosted two comedy/science shows for the Nat Geo Channel, "Science of Stupid," and "Duck Quacks Don't Echo." He's currently a re...

  • Ariye Hesed

    Ariye Hesed View Profile

    Ariye Hesed, (pronounced ARI) is a 28-month veteran of stand-up comedy, combines social satire with uncanny impressions. His fans span generations and cross all boundaries -- race, religion, ethnicity, sexual origination andor all the lack there of, from Creed to Sabbath, everybody loves Ariye. Though his jokes could be considered taboo, Hesed jokes about that which needs the most change; slipp...

  • Karl Hess

    Karl Hess View Profile

    Shortly after graduating USC, Karl exploded onto the LA stand-up scene. Performing relentlessly, he quickly made a name for himself as one of the best young comics in Los Angeles. He is now a regular at the top shows in LA and has performed at clubs, colleges and festivals all over the country, including Comix in New York City, the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta at which he was a Fin...

  • Kate Hess

    Kate Hess View Profile

     Kate Hess has written and performed in two sketch shows at UCBNY "The Palin Family All Star Revue and Election Spectacular" and "We Kate Shelly" which Time Out NY called "silly, adroit and unique all at once". She has also performed in Gravid Water with Jason Sudeikis and Scott Adsit. Since 2009 she has studied improvisation at UCB with The Brothers Hines, Zach ...

  • Trina Hess

    Trina Hess View Profile

    What do you get when you combine dry wit and attitude? You get Trina's entertaining, clever humor. She's a middle child by trade and a full time neurotic who plays Second Fiddle in the orchestra of life. Thinking is required, but laughter is guaranteed.

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