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  • Vanessa Hess

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    Vanessa Hess made her debut with her very own "Mobile Comedy Show."  Vanessa has been married more times than she has performed on stage.  Her routine act "So freakin' EXy" will be available for purchase in stores soon.  Vanessa is also planning to publish her first book "From the Mind of a CEREAL Marrier."   Vanessa is always a...

  • David Heti

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    David Heti is a stand-up comic who divides his time between New York and Montreal. Described as 'deftly subversive' and 'outlandishly harsh and thought-provoking,' he has a kind of a sense of humor. David has degrees in Philosophy and Law and has worked in the bioethics department of a children's hospital. He teaches comedy writing at McGill University and also speaks from time to time on com...

  • Jesse Hett

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  • Jay Hewlett

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    Jay Hewlett has been there; done that. He’s a man with a mission and no mission at all. He’s in tune with the times and out of tune with everyone. He’s a guy that thinks goals are for goalies. He does everything right and yet stuff happens to him. He figures it must be a conspiracy. Like the time he didn’t pay his phone bill. He got letters like, “Perhaps you forgo...

  • Bently Hibbard

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    Bentley Hibbard (Stage Manager) is a South Carolina transplant making his debut as a Stage Manager for The Second City. He has worked on productions for such theaters as Chicago’s Annoyance and Charleston, SC’s Theater 99. He has written/directed/produced multiple short films as well as two comic books and one book of short stories, How to Change the Weather. He also plays guitar for T...

  • Kevin Hickerson

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     With a not-so typical-in-Hollywood PhD in nuclear physics from Caltech, Kevin Peter Hickerson's comedy style takes on a rare and nerdy, irreverent twist to society, marriage and fatherhood. When he's not smashing atoms or giving lectures at universities and steampunk pop-events like "Nerd Nite" and "Mindshare" on newly discovered particles, wormholes and time travel, Kevi...

  • Bill Hicks

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  • Brian Hicks

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    Brian is one of Chicago’s most sought after stand-up comics. He has performed at comedy clubs and concert venues all across the country. With his fresh upbeat style Brian has astonished the comedy world with his thought-provoking views of what people find funny. He uses his act as a conduit to explore some of life’s less discussed topics and has been honing his craft for the past 13 ye...

  • Damo Hicks

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  • Rene Hicks

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  • Russell Hicks

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  • Ryan Hicks

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    Ryan Hicks has been featured on the TV show Laughs on Fox. He is a passed regular at the American Comedy Company, the Mad House Comedy Club, The Comedy Store (La Jolla), The Comedy Palace, Beachwood (Voted SD's #1 non-club comedy show), Comedy Juice, has performed at many of the Improv comedy clubs, and was a finalist in the 2015 San Diego's Funniest Person Contest. He's run and produced...

  • Carolina Hidalgo

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    Carolina Hidalgo is a Queens native stand up comedian. She performs all over the country and is a regular guest on several Sirius XM shows including Opie and Jim and John Fugelsang's Tell Me Everything. She also has her own podcast with MST3K's Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff on Cave Comedy Radio, "Movie Sign with the Mads".

  • Paul Higbie

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  • Adam Higgins

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  • Kat Higgins

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  • Scott Higgins

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    Scott Higgins first interest in performing came at a young age. He used to perform impressions of family members at family functions. In high school he was thrown out of biology class for doing an impression of the teacher. He was voted class clown too little surprise. In 2000, he was persuaded to perform by good friend comedian Cal Verduchi. In 2001, one year after his restart, Scott was a run...

  • Steve Higgins

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    Steve Higgins is the Announcer for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. In addition to Late Night, Higgins is also a producer and writer for Saturday Night Live. His work on "SNL" has garnered him five Emmy nominations, an Emmy win, and three Writers Guild Awards. Higgins was previously a writer, producer and cast member for the comedy show, "The Higgins Boys and Gruber," a cable t...

  • Texas High School Football

    Texas High School Football View Profile

    Cranberry, Texas takes its football seriously. “Texas, High School, Football” takes you to Cranberry, where coaches and players dream of winning big, families and fans are torn apart and brought together, and everyone can agree on what matters most.

  • Brett Hiker

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    Brett Hiker may look like he’s better suited for clearing brush or moving crates down at the dock, but he has become one of the more popular comedians currently touring the country.   After spending the first 10 years of his livelihood (15-25) bouncing around working class jobs, Hiker was on a loose pace of getting fired every 6 months for spending more time trying to make hi...

  • Jess Hilarious

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    Jess is an accomplished stand-up comedian who is best known for her appearances on season 9 of MTV's Wild ‘N Out as well as various shows on VH1, BET and more. She has opened for comedy legends such as Martin Lawrence, Rickey Smiley, and Bruce Bruce.   Launching her own comedy club tour in the summer of 2017, Jess is taking the country by storm, selling out clubs throughout...

  • Bren Hill

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     Bren Hill is a comic, actor, and writer. She was featured on SNL in the digital shorts “Bear City,” and is a proud member of Fred Willard’s sketch comedy group, Mohos. Her credits include many performances at the Improv and Second City. After getting her start as a standup comedian in Texas, she moved to Chicago and continued to perform countless clubs and colleges througho...

  • Charlie Hill

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    Hill is a veteran Native American comedian whose laugh-out-loud comedy routines are seasoned with insightful cultural observations about modern America, and whose humor has helped break many stereotypes about Native Americans. Hill is the featured performer in the PBS program “On and Off the Res” from Native American Public Telecommunications, and he has appeared with such comedy stalwarts as Davi...

  • Dave Hill

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    DAVE HILL started in Chicago training and then performing with numerous, and acclaimed, groups at the Second City and IO Chicago. He continues to perform improv and sketch comedy regularly at the UCB and IO West theaters in Los Angeles where he acted in, produced and helped write the sketch show Crime Scenes, which was chosen to be in the 2007 HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. Since movin...

  • Dewayne Hill

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  • Ed Hill

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    Originally from Taiwan, Ed is an emerging young comic who moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 22 years ago, thinking he was on vacation at his father's discretion. Since then, Ed has performed all over the world. He was voted "Best Vancouver Comedian of 2016" by West Ender Magazine, and "Best Vancouver Comedian of 2015" by West Ender Magazine and The Georgia Stra...

  • Hunter Hill

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    Hunter was raised a young orphan girl in the rough-and-tumble streets of New York.    Wait—nope. That's Annie.    Hunter Hill is an up-and-coming storytelling comic from Los Angeles. After tiring of the extravagant and, frankly, far-too-pampered lifestyle as a waiter at Red Robin, Hill decided to pursue something with merit. Something with clas...

  • John Hill

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    John Hill is a clean comedian from Southern California who has been keeping crowds laughing since 2010.   He has performed with headliners Michael Jr., Taylor Tomlinson, John Crist, Jimmy Brogan, Carlos Oscar, Gilbert Esquival, Thor Ramsey, Nazareth, and Jeff Allen among others. He has even appeared on TV! - (okay, only one appearance on JCTV, for TBN, but who's counting?) John has also...

  • Jonah Hill

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  • Laura-Beth Hill

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  • Linda Hill

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  • Mason Hill

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     Mason Hill quickly developed his own natural style on and off stage. He is known for turning his and everyone's else life experiences into comedic material. Originally from Palm Beach, FL, he now resides in the Tampa Bay Area. He can capture any audience using jokes derived from his background of raising kids, getting divorced, dating in the modern world, and just being human. He brings a ve...

  • Melinda Hill

    Melinda Hill View Profile

    Melinda Hill is an award-winning comedian, writer and actress who performs all over the world. LA Weekly calls her “the female David Sedaris” and says her “bubbly, adorable persona belies outlandish funny” while Buzzine claims she puts “the fun back in funny and the smart back in smarty-pants.” She created, wrote, produced  and starred in the hit web ser...

  • Murray Hill

    Murray Hill View Profile

     "Murray Hill — in case you’ve never been lucky enough to catch his show — is old school showbiz, pure and simple. He’s gin martinis, expensive cigars and fancy suits. He’s laugh-out-loud hilarious.” –FLAVORPILL “The ultimate, consummate nightclub performer.” –THE NEW YORK TIMES “Hill is a singing, dancing, schticking th...

  • Ryan Hill

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  • Scott D Hill

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  • Sean Hill

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  • Steve Hill

    Steve Hill View Profile

    Born in poverty on St Louis’ north side, Steve Hill has acquired a lifetime of experience in what it’s like to grow up in America as an African American male. After graduating high school in 1979, Steve continued in his father and brothers’ footsteps and joined the United States Marine Corps. He served for 5 years, becoming a Sergeant, and moved to Los Angeles to work in the a...

  • Torrance Hill

    Torrance Hill View Profile

    Torrance Hill grew up in Rosedale, New York. As a child he always dreamed of moving to Los Angeles and making it big as an actor in movies and television.  However, life had different plans for this talented performer.  Having made friends with numerous comics in L.A. he was encouraged to try his hand at standup comedy. Standup unleased a passion he had for entertaining people and he ha...

  • Jeff Hiller

    Jeff Hiller View Profile

     JEFF HILLER has studied and performed at the UCBT since 2001 most often seen performing improv with Harold teams "People People", "The Scam" and "Creep" and sketch with "Police Chief Rumble" (ECNY award - Best Sketch Group). At the theatre, Jeff has also been seen in "Showgirls: The Best Movie Ever Made. Ever.", "Kilgore: The Musical&quo...

  • Chloé Hilliard

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     Chloé Hilliard is a larger than life comedian. Well, that’s because she’s 6’1 and rocks a killer afro.  Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in a large Hasidic Jewish neighborhood, Chloé has spun her unique experiences into side splitting laughs. For the last ten years, Chloé has been a culture/entertainment journalist, writing for The Village Voic...

  • Rib Hillis

    Rib Hillis View Profile

    Rib Hillis is a television host, actor, model, and home improvement expert. After two seasons as part of the design team on the Emmy Award winning “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” Rib is currently starring on A&E’s “$100 Makeover.” Previously, Rib hosted two other home improvement shows, “Model Citizen” and “Get a Grip,” and was featured on AOL’s “Minute Fixes” giving homeowners solutions to com...

  • Jason Hillman

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  • Rio Hillman

    Rio Hillman View Profile

    Original. Out the Box. Eccentric. Down right funny. Rio Hillman arrived on the comedy scene some ten years ago. He believes that subtlety and timing are key principals to building a crowd up to the punch line. To him, it’s nothing new to find humor throughout the stress of everyday life. His rib-busting, attention grabbing, split comedy coming from real life experiences can be seen throug...

  • Adam Hills

    Adam Hills View Profile

  • Tony Hinchcliffe

    Tony Hinchcliffe View Profile

    A stand-up comedian considered a fresh new evolution to the now immensely popular roasting scene, Tony Hinchcliffe has worked as a staff-writer on the past six Comedy Central Roasts, where he has shaped many iconic sets from many dais members from Jeff Ross to Martha Stewart. His innovative 2016 one hour comedy special, “One Shot”, follows Tony in one continuous take, and is now str...

  • Brad Hinderliter

    Brad Hinderliter View Profile

    Brad's quick wit and off-the-cuff style has brought joy to audiences since the Carter administration. A regular MC at Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville, Brad is probably best known for his role as the stunt double at the end of Boogie Nights. He has worked clubs in like 9 or 10 states and starred in a Bud Light commercial that has not and probably will not ever air.   Brad has open...

  • Brendan Hines

    Brendan Hines View Profile

    Brendan Hines is a singer/songwriter/actor/guitar player. The music is folk of a sort. The sort of folk that you require to get you through a bad hangover or a broken heart; or into a binge or an unwise encounter. His songs are cautionary tales, post-love autopsies, wise-ass seductions, and ruminations on bad behavior delivered with candid whimsy, gallows humor and mercilessly satisfying rhymes. ...

  • Kevin Hines

    Kevin Hines View Profile

     Kevin Hines can be seen performing with The Curfew every Saturday night. He also teaches a lot of classes at the theater, has written some videos for, and on occasion performs with his brother as The Brothers Hines. When not doing those things he can probably be found napping next to his cat. Hometown:

  • Vernard Hines

    Vernard Hines View Profile

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