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  • Billy Houston

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  • Hometown Houston

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    A one night only improv show featuring an All-Star cast of improvisers that all call Houston their hometown! All ticket proceeds from this show will go towards Dallas County VOAD in their efforts to assist those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

  • Sharon Houston

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    Sharon's starred on several hidden camera shows (MTV's "Punk'd", Oxygen's "Celebrities Undercover", Disney Channel's "Code 9") and her stand up has been featured on VH1, MTV, and Comedy Central. She's also a storyteller, a Moth StorySlam winner, and was featured on KCRW's podcast, "Strangers." Sharon loves fitness, alcoholics, ...

  • Mike Hover

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    A big kid pretending to be an adult, my comedy celebrates what it means to be a geek/nerd/adult with childlike tendencies surviving in a world filled with “normals” and boring offices. A fun roller coaster of randomness, I poke fun at everything from relationships to my useless Star Trek trivia. I pride myself in clean humor and an impromptu style, making each show I do unique from the last..

  • Bob Howard

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    Bob Howard is a lawyer licensed in Arizona in 1976. He has been doing standup comedy on a regular basis since taking a comedy class in1993. His credits include the Tempe Improv, the Comedy Spot, the Matazal Casino, the Comedy Barn and the Assisted Living Center in Heber. He was a winner of the Funniest Person in the Valley Contest n 2001, won the Phoenix Rotary 100 John O’Connor Humor Compet...

  • Daran Howard

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  • Elijah Howard

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    Hello comedy world! Get ready for an energetic and exciting comic, Elijah Howard! He has a lot to say so listen up… Comedy has always been a part of his life through personal experiences, family run-ins and blatant observations from his so-called “evolved” community. Elijah’s goal as a comedian is to add a passion to the craft along with fun, la...

  • Kellye Howard

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  • Marc Howard

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  • Russell Howard

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    Russell Howard, one of the UK’s most successful stand up comedians, returns to the USA with a brand new show which promises to deliver more of his trademark blend of upbeat musings and razorsharp wit.  Don’t miss the chance to see this unique comedian, star and creator of the award-winning hit BBC TV show, Russell Howard’s Good News.   ‘Energetic, uncyn...

  • Stephanie Howard

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  • Dennis Howe

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  • Tim Howe and The Solid Citizens

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    Tim Howe started out as a composer in the 70s and his guitar instrumentals are an inimitable and beautiful result of the influences of Leo Kottke, Christopher Parkening and John Lennon. Although Tim’s earliest performances in New York and New England date back 30 years, he only began recording in 1999 and released his debut album Category Music on Contender Records. Mission followed in 2000. T...

  • Greg Howell

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    Greg Howell is one of the brightest dark stars in the Bean, so going on the nature of race relations in this city, he brings the def jam. As a regular at Dicks Beantown Comedy Vault, Howell is aligned with New England heavy-hitters which suggests Bostonians are finally catching on to the black comedy wave thats been sweeping the nation for 40 yrs.

  • Christian Howes

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  • Travis Howze

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    U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, former Police Officer and Firefighter turned National Headlining Comedian, Travis Howze protected America's citizens for over 14 years, and now he's making fun of them! Whether dodging bullets, chasing bad guys or running into burning buildings he is always FUNNY UNDER FIRE! Refer red to as The Military and Emergency Services Voice of Comedy, Travis has ...

  • Greg Hoyt

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  • Rachel Hroncich

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    Rachel Hroncich is an actor, comedian, and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. She’s played everything from a child kidnapper on Criminal Minds to a groin grabber on the viral webseries, Enter the Dojo. You can see her perform stand-up all over the country and locally at The Comedy Store, Flappers Comedy Club, and this summer at the Ventura Comedy Festival.  

  • Martin Hrris

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  • TJ Huberg

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  • Jon Huck

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    Jon Huck is a Comedian and an Actor. He has appeared on Comedy From SXSW on Showtime, Comedy Central’s Live At Gotham as well as “This Is Not Happening” for Comedy Central Studios. His album “Fantasticular Hilaritation” is available on ITunes. Jon’s first two movies – “Garbage” & “Dumbbells” can both be seen on Netflix & ...

  • Zach Huddleston

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  • Skillz Hudson

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    The South Side of Chicago native Skillz Hudson is a Comedian and Actor. The former door-to-door salesman moved to California six years ago, in 2006, where he began his comedy career. Even though he has always Loved comedy, he had never seen himself as a stand-up comedian. It wasn't until after years of doing sales, and being told that TV was his calling, that he decided to leave and come to Ca...

  • Truck Hudson

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  • Wes Hudson

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  • Kelsie Huff

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    As a zygote Kelsie Huff was stuck in her mother's womb-bone. It took some pullin’ and yankin’ but she was finally ripped free and entered the world. The shiny medical tools slightly damaged her right ear flap, but who really needs two ear flaps anyway? Kelsie has been living a half earflap life ever since. Over all, it’s been good. She uses said earflap to make comedy. Huff, a ...

  • Scott Huff

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    A married, future father of three... if his wife (his high school sweetheart) gets her way. Huff loves tequila, gambling, and a good boxing match, but spends his Saturday nights watching 48 Hours Mysteries on his couch from Jennifer Convertibles (it's convertible in case the in laws need to spend the night). Huff has hosted two television shows, and five Top-10 iTunes podcasts, and currently has t...

  • Stewart Huff

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    Stewart Huff was born in Campbellsville, Kentucky and grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee. He has been performing comedy for over 15 years, beginning when he decided to drop out of college to become a writer. Currently touring theatres, comedy clubs and special events across the country, Huff reaches past the norm for his genuine -- and genuinely unexpected -- comedy. His knack for embrac...

  • Stewart Huff Album Release Show!

    Stewart Huff Album Release Show! View Profile

    Kentucky native Stewart Huff returns to Comedy Off Broadway to celebrate the release of his newest album, ‘God Hates Ann.’  Since starting comedy over twenty years ago, Huff has earned acclaim both nationally and internationally with his quick wit, smart comedy, and southern drawl. ‘God Hates Ann’ marks the 4th album for Stewart Huff, and the 50th for his label...

  • Christian Hughes

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    Christian Hughes is a standup comedian from the DFW area!

  • Derek Hughes

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    America's Got Talent (top 10 finalist) Penn & Teller's "Fool Us" on CW The Carbonaro Effect (producer) Derek Hughes is a magician in demand. He's created original deception for MTV's Room 401, Justin Willman's YouTube series Magic Meltdown, and Michael Carbonaro's hilarious appearances as the Magic Clerk on The Tonight Show with Jay Len...

  • joselyn hughes

    joselyn hughes View Profile

    Joselyn Hughes is a stand up comedian, writer and actor. She’s performed at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, F*ck Yeah Fest, the DC Comedy Festival, The Hysterical Festival, and clubs and colleges all over the country. Her writing has appeared on sites such as Comedy Central, the CC Insider, (Huffington Post), Lemondrop, and the Chzburger Network. She was a nominee for the ECNY&rsqu...

  • Kristina Hughes

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    Kristina Hughes is a fast-rising comedian who embodies the sweet shell of Molly Shannon... but has the wit and biting humor of Joan Rivers. As a former 'Miss Connecticut USA', Kristina thinks stand-up is a lot like pageants, "but without all the fake boobs". Rightly so, Kristina has been dubbed "The Queen of Fancy with the Flair for the Swear". Her irreverent humor causes conta...

  • Paul Hughes

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  • Stephen Hughes

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  • Stu Hughes

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    Stu Hughes is right out there Funny! Stu is completely over – the – top and pushes the envelope of interaction. Stu makes up much of his comedy on the spot. Whether it's a Stand Up Comedy Routine, Hosting a Meeting or Awards Ceremony, the thread of levity for a Team or Training Event, or a Corporate or Organizational Dinner, Stu Hughes will take your event to another level of ...

  • Torian Hughes

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  • DL Hughley

    DL Hughley View Profile

    One of the most popular and highly recognized standup comedians on the road today has also made quite an impression in the television and radio arena. D.L. can currently be heard on the New York airwaves, as host of the morning show on WYKS-FM. In just a few months on air, DL has managed to increase the listenership for the station. Most recently, D.L. served as host of his own late night t...

  • Jeff Huit

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  • Peter Hulne

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  • Derek Humphrey

    Derek Humphrey View Profile

    Derek Humphrey is a stand-up comic who has performed nationwide for the past 7 years. In addition to stand-up, Derek has formal training in improv, sketch and storytelling, having been a graduate of Theatre 99 (Charleston, South Carolina), The Upright Citizens Brigade, the Peoples Improv Theater (the PIT) and Magnet Theater (all in New York City). Hailing from blue collar roots, a curious mind a...

  • Karmel Humphrey

    Karmel Humphrey View Profile

    Karmel's sense of humor was inherited from a storytelling father whose tales of growing up in East Texas were secondary to the characters he used to chronicle such stories. Often using the everyday and ordinary to reveal the absurd and useless. Karmel grew up in Lynwood, California; commonly known as the suburbs of Compton. He booked his first stand-up gig in the 6th grade when he and his classmat...

  • Randy Humphrey

    Randy Humphrey View Profile

    Would best be described offbeat and intriguing. Differing from traditional comedy style Randy has a soft stoner yet intellectual delivery accompanied with unpredictable punchlines. Randy’s jokes cover a wide span of topics, most likely because growing up Randy had a successful acting career, was a promising college student and married the love of his life by the age of 24. Currently Randy, a...

  • Paul Hungerford

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  • Brian J Hunt

    Brian J Hunt View Profile

    A short bio huh? Let’s see here. I only get 75-100 words, so I better not waste them. I better just go straight to the point and not jumble around saying things that would waste anyone’s time who is reading this. Just be like “Hey this is Brian Hunt and I’m from Colorado.” Should I waste words by saying where I’m from? I don’t think people really care abo...

  • Ian Hunt

    Ian Hunt View Profile

    Ian is a nocturnal bar hopping comic originally from Michigan. Ian was a wiener for most of his life, then he worked up the courage to do comedy, and now he's cool. Ian's jokes are playful with a dark, sardonic twist. He is the winner of the 2017 Stand Up New York Comedy Festival and hosts the popular Brooklyn based bar show Good For You. 

  • Stephen Hunt

    Stephen Hunt View Profile

  • Adam Hunter

    Adam Hunter View Profile

    Adam Hunter is one of the hottest young stand up comedians around today. He is full of exciting energy that makes crowds go wild. He headlines all over the country, putting his heart and soul into every performance with an act that is brash, deep and most importantly, funny. Adam is one of the hardest working comics around, performing every night of the week, usually 2 or 3 shows a night. His l...

  • Corey Hunter

    Corey Hunter View Profile

    From Metuchen New Jersey, Corey Hunter is one of the fastest rising comedians in the country. His quick jokes and staighforward delivery style has drawn comparisons to Steven Wright and the late Mitch Hedberg. When Hunter isn’t touring, he's enjoying live in Virginia with his wife and daughter.

  • Eric Hunter

    Eric Hunter View Profile

    ERIC HUNTER has been performing comedy since the age of 6, when he got his very first laugh at a family picnic. His grandmother scolded him for not eating all of his dinner. “There are starving children in 3rd world countries who would love to eat that,” she said. “Here, send it to them,” came his reply and upon hearing his cousins’ laughter, he knew comedy was the li...

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