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  • Tyson Paul

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    Touring Experience: 9 years Throughout California, Arizona, & Nevada   Preformed with: Corey Holcomb Leonard Robinson Tiffany Haddish Big Mike Mitchell   Jay Davis Grace Fraga Honest Jon Jill-Michele Melean James Davis Dillon Garcia Greg Wilson Thai Rivera Steven Briggs Brandon T. Jackson   Regularly performs at : The Comedy Union Los Angeles, CA Hollyw...

  • Ryan Paul Johnson

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    Ryan Paul Johnson hosts a night of comedy to benefit the Barrows Neurological Institute's Day on the Lake. The Day on the Lake program is the only adapted water sports program for those with physical and neurological disabilities offered in Arizona. Ryan attributes his courage to finally pursue his comedic dreams directly to the empowering experience of participating i...

  • Pretty Paul Parsons

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  • Rod Paulette

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    Rod Paulette started off training to be an actor, majoring in theater at Columbia College, where he received his degree in Directing. However, while in school, Rod was bitten by the standup comedy bug and after a brief stint in advertising, countless open mics and bad advice from friends, Rod finally hit the road to pursue his passion...and hasn't looked back. For over a decade, Rod has made ...

  • Bernadette Pauley

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    The Edinburgh Journal says Bernadette “Pauley’s flawless confidence and no-bullshit attitude make her a sharp, polished performer. Her ability to flit from charming anecdote to viciously biting punchline at a moment’s notice makes her a fascinatingly unpredictable comedian”. That’s a really nice way of saying she’s nuts.  Bernie’s TV credits incl...

  • Rob Paulsen

    Rob Paulsen View Profile

    Born in Detroit, Rob Paulsen spent his childhood in Livonia and Rochester, attending Junior and Senior high school in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Rob loved cartoons like most kids but aspired to be a professional hockey player. “Fortunately, thanks to some big, strong, kid from Winnipeg who drilled me so hard my ears are still ringing, I learned around the age 18 I had neither the ta...

  • Matt Pavich

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    Matt Pavich is a comedian and actor from New York City. He is a cast member on MTV2's "Joking Off", Elite Daily's "Genwhy" series, and is the cofounder of the YouTube channel, "Handsome Dancer". He also co-created "The Neighborhood" which was won "Audience Award" and "Best Editing" at the 2014 New York Television Festi...

  • Alex Pavone

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    Born and raised in Woodbridge, Ontario, Pavone has been making crowds laugh since 2007. Alex has been featured on CBC, MuchMusic and SiriusXM radio. He has performed at festivals like the HUBCAP Comedy Festival, LOL Sudbury, JFL42 and Montreal's Just For Laughs, as well as historic venues such as the Danforth Music Hall and Massey Hall on New Years Eve. Alex has performed at c...

  • Trisha Paytas

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    Trisha Paytas is an American actress, entertainer, singer, songwriter, model, author and YouTube personality. Paytas has made appearances on a number of television shows including The Greg Behrendt Show, America's Got Talent, My Strange Addiction, Who Wants to Be a Superhero? and Modern Family, along with acting in films including Reservoir Dames, Lola's Love Shack, and Viral Video (whi...

  • Luz Pazos

    Luz Pazos View Profile

    Twenty-nine year-old Luz Pazos, most likely the next break-out, Latina comedian, is perpetually hard to understand- that's because most people are so busy laughing at her joke routines, they forget that she has an accent! A former beauty queen from Peru, she is not only smart...but is often a smart ass- with two university degrees, earned while studying in Italy, she can afford to be! In her relat...

  • Sean Peabody

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    Sean Peabody is one of the region's funniest comedic talents. He has performed at the major comedy clubs across the country. Sean has worked with top talents such as Bruce Bruce, Eddie Griffin, D.C. Curry, and John Witherspoon to name a few. This native of the Bay Area comes locked and loaded to really bring you the funny. You are in for a real treat when you come to see Sean Peabody.

  • Susan Peahl

    Susan Peahl View Profile

    Susan Peahl has performed in Film, TV, VO, NY stage (Broadway and Off), Corporate Industrials, and has been improvising and teaching improv professionally for over 20 years in NY, Orlando and LA. She won the NY MAC award for "Best Comedy" for her improvised musical work. Some improv credits include: Chicago City Limits (NYC); Comedy Warehouse, Walt Disney World (Orlando); Boom Chicago (Amsterdam);...

  • Dina Pearlman

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      I was born in New Jersey and raised in the fair hamlet of Teaneck, home of the Isley Brothers. After 4 years at Carnegie Mellon University, I came to New York to pursue acting professionally. I languished in sorrow and Fritos for a year and half,...

  • Avery Pearson

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    AVERY PEARSON loves comedy and is passionate about performance. He is an LA-based Actor, Comedian, Writer, and Musician originally from Toronto, Canada. He performs with THE GODDAMN COMEDY JAM (Comedy Central's NY Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs Festival, The Kennedy Center, Blue Whale and LA local shows), and tours the US performing alongside comedian Adam Ray (MadTV...

  • Ron Pearson

    Ron Pearson View Profile

    Ron Pearson is a comedian, an actor and a world record juggler that The Hollywood Reporter called “a comic ball of fire.” The Los Angeles Times wrote, “I laughed so hard my jaws ached.” Ron has taken multitasking to a whole new level, from starring for several years on Malcolm & Eddie, to guest starring on The Drew Carey Show, Two Guys and a Girl, The George Lopez Sh...

  • Jordan Pease

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  • Ivan Pecel

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  • Celeste Pechous

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    Celeste Pechous has been doing the bits for the last decade in Chicago, L.A., N.Y.C. and elsewhere from Kankakee to Vienna. Originally from Iowa City, Pechous moved to Chicago to study improvisation at The Second City, iO and The Annoyance Theatre. As a member of the Second City National Touring Company, Pechous played all over the world, which included a U.S.O. performance tour. She has writte...

  • Ryan Peckinpaugh

    Ryan Peckinpaugh View Profile

    Ryan Peckinpaugh is a stand-up comic of the past eight years.  Haven’t heard of him?  That’s funny… he’s heard of you!  Ryan has been honing his comedy craft since high school going from an unexperienced open mic-er to a regular at prestigious comedy clubs around LA.  He graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a Master’s in Cre...

  • Lisa Pedace

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  • Becky Pedigo

    Becky Pedigo View Profile

    I'm a stand-up comic. I've done some stuff. Not as much as some, but more than others.

  • Keith Pedro

    Keith Pedro View Profile

    Keith is described as a human firecracker, filled with so much explosive energy. He is a Stand-up comic, script writer and actor who featured in Much Music’s (Video On Trial), Degrassi . Keith is also a member of Toronto sketch crew THE BOOM! Don’t be surprised if you see Keith on a movie screen in the near future. video link:

  • Davon Peed

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  • Nia Peeples

    Nia Peeples View Profile

    Nia Peeples is an actress, singer and fitness guru with a career in Hollywood spanning almost three decades and has appeared in nearly 75 films and television shows. Her breakout role as Nicole Chapman on “Fame” launched a successful acting career that includes the television series “Walker, Texas Ranger” and “The Young and the Restless” and continues today with...

  •  Peepshow Trio

    Peepshow Trio View Profile

    THE PEEPSHOW TRIO features Comedy Central’s Sit-n-Spin musicians Gary Stockdale (Penn & Teller: BULLSHIT!) and Amy Engelhardt (Grammy-nominated vocal nutjobs The Bobs). “Smartpop” originals are the backbone of the quartet's unique, sardonic and unabashedly fun set, peppered with innovative arrangements of songs by Kurt Weill, The Beatles and other genre-busting artists. Co...

  • Jeremy Peirce

    Jeremy Peirce View Profile

    One of Comedy's Best Kept Secrets! Part of today's funniest up and coming comedians, Jeremy Peirce has performed nationally, widely gaining the respect of audiences and his peers alike. A provacative writer, Jeremy has an eclectic collection of material dealing with race, religion, sex and drugs, yet somehow manages to keep them all separate. As a performer, his truly unique stage pres...

  • Brent Pella

    Brent Pella View Profile

    Brent Pella is a comedian, sketch player and actor who is emerging as one of this generation’s performers to watch.  He’s risen through the ranks at the San Diego Comedy Festival, Redwood Comedy Festival, Sacramento Comedy Festival and the Burbank Comedy Festival, and he regularly performs at clubs, festivals and colleges throughout the country.  He has appeare...

  • Shawn Pelofsky

    Shawn Pelofsky View Profile

    This sassy female will blow you away with her physical comedy and high energy. Shawn will take you on a wild ride with her outrageous impersonations and knowledge of pop culture. Her ability to nickname and work a crowd will have you in hysterics. Once you "Stretch it Out" with Shawn Pelofsky, you will never stop. Shawn was born one out of only ten Jews in Oklahoma. Wh...

  • Andrew Pelosi

    Andrew Pelosi View Profile

    Aussie Andy

  • Caitlin Peluffo

    Caitlin Peluffo View Profile

    Originally hailing from San Francisco, CA, Caitlin Peluffo is a comedian currently living in Brooklyn, NY. After a brief six year stint in art school where she studied performative video (no, really…that's a thing) she has expanded her talents to the stage. Peluffo has been featured in the Women in Comedy Festival, was runner up in the Finger Lakes Comedy Competition, an...

  • Jessimae Peluso

    Jessimae Peluso View Profile

    MTV's "Girl Code" @Midnight   Syracuse native, Jessimae Peluso, from MTV’s “Girl Code”, can be heard weekly podcasts on her Sharp Tongue & Highlarious podcasts. Both available on iTunes, Stitcher, Sound Cloud and Google Play.  She has a weekly Facebook live showcalled “Weedsday” every Wednesday that raises awareness ...

  • Johnny Pemberton

    Johnny Pemberton View Profile

    Johnny Pemberton hails from Rochester Minnesota. He is the host and writer for the MTV series "MegaDrive" which can now be seen across the world. He has appeared on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Lopez Tonight, FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Sundance Channel, AdultSwim, and some commercials for products he does not endorse. He can also be seen in Armando Ianucci's Oscar nominated...

  • Eddie Pence

    Eddie Pence View Profile

    Originally from Virginia, Eddie now resides in Los Angeles. Don't worry Eddie will make no jokes about how he hates writing about himself in the 3rd person in his Bio, just understand that he does, I mean I do. The “Hollywood Reporter” named Eddie Pence one of the Top New Faces of the Montreal Comedy Festival in 2004, he was also invited back to perform there again in 2006. In 2007 Ed...

  • Chris Pennie

    Chris Pennie View Profile

    Chris Pennie is a really funny fella. I’m not just saying this because he used to take one of my hot lady friends on motorcycle rides. He has no gimmicks, unless you count being a single dad with a hot body and glasses talking about what happened to that kid in high school that wore the beret. (Pennie assures me that beret boy is fine, “still not right, but he’s ok.”) Pe...

  • Carol Pennington

    Carol Pennington View Profile

    Carol Pennington began her comedy career in the mid-80?s at the old Cleveland Comedy Club. Over the past 25 years Carol has performed in comedy venues across the country. Carol’s fans really enjoy her show. Her stories are easy to relate to and so much fun to laugh at with friends. But the best thing about Carol is that she is real. Women of all ages admire her bold confidence and men respec...

  •  Penny and Pru

    Penny and Pru View Profile

    Penny and Pru Hollywood, CA - September 2010 - 6 min World Premiere Web Series Synopsis: Penny and Pru have spent too much time together but that's nothing a little song and dance can't fix...that's what you get when you have two girls, one dream and zero brains... 

  • Dumb People Town Podcast

    Dumb People Town Podcast View Profile

    Dumb People Town is as much an exploration as it is a celebration of dumb people doing dumb things (often in Florida). Incredible improviser and comedian Dan Van Kirk rustles up wild local news stories and riffs on their details with the Sklar Brothers, joined by a hilarious well- known or up-and-coming comedy guest. Wherever there's a drunk, buck-naked man running around wit...

  • The People Upstairs

    The People Upstairs View Profile

  • Pretty People With Problems

    Pretty People With Problems View Profile

    Pretty People With Problems is an improvised teen drama. If you binge the CW or binged the late WB, you'll recognize your favorite tropes exploited on stage. The problems are made up, but the drama is real, and everything matters, like, a lot.

  •  People's Sketch Association

    People's Sketch Association View Profile

    People's Sketch Association (2010 INNY Award Winners - Best NYC Sketch Group) is a force of RENEGADE writers, actors, directors and designers who've bringing their edition of absurdist and highly theatrical sketch comedy to Upright Citizen's Brigade, People's Improv Theatre and sold-out comedy venues across New York City since 2007. With a CHILD-LIKE spirit and SUBVERSIVE underbelly, their polishe...

  • Eddie Pepitone

    Eddie Pepitone View Profile

    Comedian Eddie Pepitone is a master of the dark art of comedy. Hailed as a modern day cross between Jackie Gleason, Don Rickles and Eckhart Tolle. Eddie is a force of nature on stage, switching back and forth between social rage and self doubt. His shows are an energetic combo of calm and chaos, blue collar angst and sardonic enlightenment. Few comedians working today channel the power of the r...

  • Joe Pera

    Joe Pera View Profile

    I do stand-up comedy in New York City and tell jokes about girls and chain restaurants. I am also a freelance journalist and by that I mean I submit articles to Better Home and Garden Magazine's monthly "Gardening Goofs" contest. It would be great to someday get my heirloom tomato story published and win $50.

  • Jackson Perdue

    Jackson Perdue View Profile

  • Jeff Perdue

    Jeff Perdue View Profile

    Jeff Perdue was born and raised in Houston. He graduated from the University of Houston in 2000. Jeff has wanted to act since a young age. He made his commercial debut at age nine doing public service announcements for the American Lung Association. His film debut came in the 1992 Chuck Norris movie "Sidekicks", though he doesn't know Chuck. He studied at the Chris Wilson Acting School in Houston...

  • Nick Perdue

    Nick Perdue View Profile

    Nick Perdue (aka. Mr. I Bring The Funny)  is one of seven Los Angeles natives still residing in Los Angeles. Nick is still consdered a comedy rookie, but is very active in the Southern California comedy scene. Nick's dynamic stage presence, and ability to take an audience through a journey has quickly made him a fan favorite. Nick is best known for his animated facial expressio...

  • Adrian Pereira

    Adrian Pereira View Profile

  • Chelsea Peretti

    Chelsea Peretti View Profile

    Chelsea Peretti is a stand-up comedian, writer and actress who currently stars as 'Gina Linetti' on the FOX hit comedy, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Chelsea has appeared on “Louie,” “Kroll Show,” “Key and Peele,” "Tosh.0,"“Comedy Bang! Bang!," and has voiced multiple roles for the Adult Swim animated comedy, "China, IL.&...

  • Anthony Perez

    Anthony Perez View Profile

    Anthony Perez tours the southwest and is one of the top Dallas area comedians. Anthony plays comedy hardball. Fast insiders with a bit of spin. High energy. From his insurance plan to TV sneaking, he really shines with his brief cartoon character imitations. Anthony Perez makes hispanic very funny. With dreams in English and fears of deportation to Canada, Anthony delivers hilariously twisted take...

  • Blake Perez

    Blake Perez View Profile

    Blake is not your average liberal comedian. Educated in Berkeley, but raised in Orange County, Blake brings an honest critique of the liberal perspective, and draws from personal observations to comment on society, philosophy, and current events. He will also poke fun at himself and the silly things we all do in day to day life. 

  • George Perez

    George Perez View Profile

    The new and exciting face of comedy is George Perez. Growing up in the mean streets of Orange County, George knew he was destined to make people laugh since the early age of 13 years old; performing for his family and now performing at the top comedy circuits across the nation. Along with being one of the brightest and hilarious comics around George is an accomplished actor, screenwriter and proud...

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