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  • The Plastic Cup Boyz

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    The Plastic Cup Boys: Na'im Lynn and Will "Spank" Horton Na'im Lynn:\ The surest thing to come out of Jersey happened way before MTV was even a reality. But you can blame it on the moon men or some other inter-galactic event, but there’s no denying that the universe was blessed with the descent of Na’im “4000” Lynn, landing in a small town named Hillside, two miles east of Newark Liberty Airpo...

  •  Platinum Chisel

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    Platinum Chisel Sydney, Australia - May 2010 - 7:35 min LA Premiere Short Film A quirky teenage boy sets up a paranormal detective agency in his bedroom and quickly finds himself entangled in a quest for love and the Holy Grail.  

  • Five Play

    Five Play View Profile

    Five Play - a Bay Area improvisation and sketch group entertaining audiences everywhere with their hilarious interactive show. The cast explores the fun, exciting, and silly nature of human relationships in a fast paced and unforgettable show of sketches and completely improvised scenes, games, musicals, and stories—all made up on the spot! For a night of big laughs, come watch them play!

  • Random Play

    Random Play View Profile

    Random Play is a five piece band that plays all the tunes you love to hear. We play all over, from Vero to Delray & more! We do a lot of new music, as well as the songs that everybody will know and love. Our goal is to keep our crowds dancing and having fun during our whole show. This is our passion and we like to express it and make you love & feel the music just as much as we do.

  • Mike Player

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    Mike Player is the founder/and a cast member of 2 comedy groups; “Shock of the Funny” in New York, and “The Gay Mafia” in Los Angeles. He is the creator/executive producer of MTV’s LOGO Network series, “The Outlaugh Festival on Wisecrack.” He is the author of “Out on the Edge: America’s Rebel Comics” published by Alyson Books. Find out...

  • Utility Players Improv

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    Every Saturday night at 8pm, a group of incredibly talented improvisational comedians, with an undeniable chemistry, come together at the Sands Regency Hotel Casino in downtown Reno to play in front of a live audience. Created and hosted by Jessica The-Jester Levity, The Utility Players have been playing together for over 5 years; every improv show is a unique co-creation between The Utility Playe...

  • Aubrey Plaza

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  • Lyndley Pleasant

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    Lyndel Pleasant is a star in the making with an act that weaves hilarious confessions about life, marriage and fatherhood into a show filled with BIG laughs and FUN times for everyone. Lyndel is poised to secure a diverse fan base, thanks to the subtle charm of this self-proclaimed, “Sex Symbol in Training” who performs without offensive language but packs in punch lines that assault the funny ...

  •  Pleaseeasaur

    Pleaseeasaur View Profile

    (pronounced Please-ee-uh-saur) is a comedic musical act made of JP Hasson (formerly in We’re Not From Idaho and Touch Me Zoo both with Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen). The music is high energy camp style humor. The live performance usually includes JP Hasson in many costumes, each of which coincides with the song, along with multi-media animations of related images on a large screen. Ma...

  • Mike Plewa

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    Mike Plewa hails from John Hughes country - Chicago's North Shore suburbs. He's driven by the house from Home Alone a couple of times. His funniest work to date is seeing him parallel park on the left side of a one-way street in Pasadena outside the world famous Ice House Comedy Club!

  • Geoffrey Plitt

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    Geoffrey Plitt is a standup comic, writer, and director from Los Angeles. A gradudate of Carnegie Mellon University, he has trained and performed in Chicago with the acclaimed Second City, ImprovOlympic, and ComedySportz theaters. After returning to L.A., he co-founded the comedy group Sad Ninja ( whose viral videos have attracted roughly a million views, including the web pilot

  • Kyle Ploof

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    Kyle Ploof is a comedian and actor from Boston, Massachusetts currently residing in Los Angeles. Over the last decade, Kyle has entertained audiences at clubs and colleges across the country, and has performed at the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival, Las Vegas Comedy Festival and Oddball Comedy Fest. Recently, Kyle has been featured on MTV's Best Music Moments, Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver ...

  • Jack Plotnick

    Jack Plotnick View Profile

    JACK PLOTNICK has appeared in tons of TV shows, commercials and features; among them are the films RUBBER, GODS AND MONSTERS, DOWN WITH LOVE, MEET THE FOCKERS, and recurring/series-regular roles on THE MENTALIST, RENO 911, DRAWN TOGETHER, BUFFY, ELLEN, and ACTION. Most recently, he plays the lead role in the film WRONG which will be out in theaters in January. Jack just wrapped his first feature...

  • Philadelphia Plowden

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    Philadelphia is one of the most sound actors/comedians working today. His observations & revelations about the human condition, mixed with stories from his own life, take an audience on a 200mph trip that could stop at any point along the journey. Philly puts it all on the line, because he always works in the moment. His ability to relate to people from different walks of life has made him a fa...

  • Flora Plumb

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  • Carolyn Plummer

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    God help us. Some comics rely on the monumental events of the day or the faux pas of the rich and famous. Not Carolyn. Carolyn pulls material from the hum-drum, day-to-day monotony of the life of everyman. And she does it well. To Carolyn the monumental is easy as our existence that's so hard, yet so ridiculous. Some women look in the mirror and complain because they are not pretty enough,not rich...

  •  Pman

    Pman View Profile

    Making people laugh as hard as humanly possible, is Pman’s mission as a stand up comedian. Armed with funny tales of his childhood and eccentric relatives and friends, help lay the foundation for Pman’s hilarious insights about marriage, family life and the pursuit of sanity.Pman's appeal stems from his instamatic charm, positive outlook on life and his ability to bring his complete stand up to l...

  • Back Pocket Memory

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  • Amy Poehler

    Amy Poehler View Profile

    Renowned as "a brilliantly inventive sketch comedian," (Entertainment Weekly, 11/05), Poehler boasts an impressive arsenal of outrageous characters, from the hyperactive "Caitlin" and one-legged reality show contestant "Amber" to a manic host of "Good Morning Meth," Poehler has also contributed memorable impressions of Kelly Ripa, Avril Lavigne, Sharon Os...

  • Ballast Point

    Ballast Point View Profile

    Just like their namesake, Ballast Point is dedicated to their craft. Individually, David Allison, Kyle Austin, Tommy Brown, Terry Catlett, Chad Haught and Todd Upchurch are all veteran improvisers based out of Dallas, TX. They combine to form a team that strives to make each show as fun as possible for both the audience and themselves. They are also open to changing their name if given a sponsorsh...

  • Ben Pokin

    Ben Pokin View Profile

    Being described by Atlanta’s Living In Town magazine as having “an undeniable likability,”Atlanta has enjoyed Ben Popkin’s comedy for the past four years. Ben has opened for comedians such as Robert Kelly, Nick Thune, and Dana Gould and has participated in festivals across the country.

  • Keon Polee

    Keon Polee View Profile

  • Amanda Polick

    Amanda Polick View Profile

     From growing up in Northern California to living in beautiful South Carolina, Amanda now calls Los Angeles home. She has been a guest of the Toronto Sketch Festival along with her sketch group, Newstradamus. She feels very lucky to be part of the community at The Second City Hollywood and to be performing for you.

  • Mike Polk

    Mike Polk View Profile

    Mike Polk is the “Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video” guy! Mike Polk is the “Second Semester of Latin Love Song” guy! Mike Polk is the “Man In The Box” guy! Together those three videos have over 31,000,000 hits on YouTube. That is 31 MILLION hits on YouTube! Mike Polk is the funnies comedian to come out of Cleveland in decades. Mike Polk Jr. has been performing stand up, improvisational, and ske...

  • Kevin Pollak

    Kevin Pollak View Profile

    Kevin Pollak started as stand-up comedian in San Francisco and became a touring pro by age Twenty. A few years later he rose to the top of the SF stand-up scene, and moved to Los Angeles with dreams of appearing on The Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson, and being in movies… 200 auditions later, he landed a few tv and film gigs, which proved enough to get him to the couch of Carson’s To...

  • Raneir Pollard

    Raneir Pollard View Profile

    As a Miami, FL native, Raneir Pollard found his home in entertainment. It all started with getting the lead in his preschool play as MLK Jr. Admittedly it wasn't too hard scoring the part as the only black kid in class... nonetheless, the entertainment spark was ignited and he's never looked back since. Now living in L.A. he performs regularly at The World Famous Comedy store and has appeare...

  • Marty Pollio

    Marty Pollio View Profile

    Marty Pollio is a seasoned pro who is a multitalented and extremely versatile performer. He incorporates his subtle and intelligent stand-up style along with juggling and physical-comedy into a tightly choreographed, mesmerizing act that has been a favorite of television shows and corporate buyers alike. Having grown up the son of a racketeer in Louisville Kentucky, one of Marty's high school...

  • Lust Pollution

    Lust Pollution View Profile

  • Kerri Pomarolli

    Kerri Pomarolli View Profile

     Kerri Pomarolli is the perfect blend of comedy, inspiration, and message.  Hollywood's favorite" Good Girl" Kerri Pomarolli is a Second City alumni and has performed on the main stage in LA with "The Thompsons" for a season. She also studied at the Groundlings for Improv and joined the award winning theater ensemble, "The Actors Co-op." At the world famous...

  • Gene Pompa

    Gene Pompa View Profile

    Comedian and writer, Gene Pompa's television credits include regular appearances on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," on NBC and a handful of appearances on "The Late, Late Show" on CBS. Other credits include Comedy Central, HBO, Que Locos on Galavision, Showtime's "Latino Laugh Festival," and "In Living Color" on FOX, and Si TV! Gene co-starre...

  • David Pompeii

    David Pompeii View Profile

    David Pompeii, a two time Emmy winner for his work as host of the TV series A Better Place, has appeared in ER, the Daily Show, Passions, HBO Sketch Pad, the Sports Bar, Heroes and Key & Peele. He has also appeared in several feature films including, The Poker House, Stranger than Fiction and Barber Shop II. Pompeii began his career at the Chicago Improv comedy club. He soon became a regular a...

  • Craig Pomranz

    Craig Pomranz View Profile

    A remarkably relaxed pro, extremely witty, his shows feel fresh and spontaneous. Pomranz’s appearances have proven to be some of the most entertaining evenings of live performance. Stephen Bocchino is Craig’s formidable musical director, accompanist and partner in verbal high-jinks. Pomranz crafts shows that feel freshly minted each night, like a nightclub act at the Copa from the golden days. “...

  • James Ponce

    James Ponce View Profile

    “Oh, you think you’re a comedian?” the sarcastic phrase heard by many smart aleck kids from a disgruntled parent and James was no different expect in answering, “I hope so!” Pablo and Janie had no idea how much of an impact that question, even though in Spanish, would make on the youngest and only son. Both of James’ parents like to take individual credit for...

  • manolo ponce

    manolo ponce View Profile

  • Joe Pontillo

    Joe Pontillo View Profile

    In chaotic times you need a comedian that thrives on chaos. Enter Joe Pontillo. Originally from Long Island and now living in Brooklyn, Pontillo tours clubs and college across the country, writes and produces many internet sketches, and hosts his own podcast called 'Comedy Sucks'.  In 2017 he made his stand up TV debut on AXS TV's 'Gotham Comedy Live'.  He also appears regularly on NY1 a...

  • Chris Pontius

    Chris Pontius View Profile

  • Becky Poole

    Becky Poole View Profile

    Becky Poole (Ensemble) is a comedian, actor, voice over artist, and musical saw player who has been described by New York Theatre as having a "commitment to the absurd that is hilariously charming". She recently performed with the Chicago Children’s Theatre production of “Goodnight Moon”, The Hypocrites “Pirates of Penzance”, and her solo sketch show at iO &...

  • Mark Poolos

    Mark Poolos View Profile

    Mark Poolos was born and raised in Edina, Minnesota. To start his career he co-starred in two independent films "Attack of the Killer Snow Cone Zombies" and "Joanie Loves Furbies". After his performances in those two films there wasn't a person who didn't know his name. He did more films, some commercials and some theater but it wasn't enough. Mark needed that instant connection. So he began his s...

  • Chip Pope

    Chip Pope View Profile

    Stand-up/writer. Starred in/wrote for MTV'S Austin Stories back in the last millenium. Appearances on NBC'S "Late Friday" and Comedy Central's "Premium Blend."Featured in the films "Clockstoppers" and "Simone" with Al Pacino.Have sold numerous TV pilots with writing partner Howard Kremer to MTV, FOX, NBC, VH-1, Comedy Central, and HBO. Have worked with ...

  • Tommy Pope

    Tommy Pope View Profile

    Tommy Pope is a comedian, writer and actor. On stage, Tommy works in an entirely unique style that seamlessly blends observational humor with a wry intelligent subtext. Only 3 years into his comedy career, Tommy won the title of “Philly’s Phunniest” at Helium Comedy Club in 2011 and has since been touring nationally. In 2012, he was named a New Face in the prestigious Montreal...

  • Lydia Popovich

    Lydia Popovich View Profile

    Lydia Popovich hails from San Francisco, CA. Her anecdotal humor and vivid storytelling make her a unique voice in a sea of dick jokes. On stage, she is a force to be reckoned with bringing energy and unparalleled confidence to each performance. SF Weekly named her the #1 Artist to Watch in 2016 describing her humor as "Hilarious and brutally honest" stating "Her comedy does mo...

  • Jesse Popp

    Jesse Popp View Profile

    I am a high school graduate with one bowling trophy.

  • baby porcupines

    baby porcupines View Profile

  •  Pork Fist Punch

    Pork Fist Punch View Profile

    Pork Fist Punch Chicago, IL, USA - January 2011 - 10 mins West Coast Premiere TV Pilot Pork Fist Punch follows the lives of four ex-mercenaries stranded in deep space. The highly-trained crew of the spaceship “Double D” (Due Diligence) were sent on a classified mission to outer space. Shortly after their launch, the mission budget is slashed due to a global economic downturn. Subs...

  • Scott Porteous

    Scott Porteous View Profile

    Scott has been a comedian for eight years, and awkward for 27: His comedy is sharp, rapid, unpredictable and a little twisted. Scott has the unique ability to be clean and perverse at the same time. He embraces his awkwardness and feels his material is not self-deprecating. “Why would I make fun of myself when other people already do it for me?" Scott currently hails from Winnipeg Mb

  • Chris Porter

    Chris Porter View Profile

    Best known for his 3rd place appearance on season 4 of NBC's Last Comic Standing and his onehour special 'Ugly & Angry' that was one of Netflix's top rated specials for three years, you may also know this Kansas City native from his very own Comedy Central Presents special, his appearance on Tommy Chong's Comedy @ 420 on Showtime, the Arsenio Hall show, Comedy.TV, or you...

  • Christopher R. Porter

    Christopher R. Porter View Profile

  • Jesse Porter

    Jesse Porter View Profile

        Jesse L.J. Porter was born on May 4th of 1991. Jesse started doing stand-up comedy in the fall of 2008. He was a bit shaky and unsure in the beginning but, slowly his comedy has grown into something amazing. From doing open mic night to performing for the troops, from printing his own business cards to having his own t-shirts. Jesse delivers a sharp, witty, and hard hitting come...

  • R. Christopher Porter

    R. Christopher Porter View Profile

  • Ralph Porter

    Ralph Porter View Profile

    If laughter is what you want, then Ralph Porter is what you need. Born in San Francisco, California, then moving to Seattle, Washington, Ralph got his start doing stand up comedy in Anchorage, Alaska. Becoming the first local comic to win the Anchorage Laugh Off Comedy Competition, three years straight '92 '93 '94. Then moving back to the Washington area in, Ralph became a presence at ...

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