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  • Ira Proctor

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    Boston-based comedian Ira Proctor is a mainstay on the Boston comedy circuit. He was crowned the Boston winner of Sierra Mist’s “Next Great Comic Search” and received rave reviews at the Montreal Comedy Festival. Proctor has gone on to perform in Comedy Central’s “Laugh Riots,” on two seasons of NESN’s “Comedy All-Stars,” and at dozens of comedy venues from Las Vegas to Afghanistan. Proctor is n...

  • Kairos Productions

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  •  Professor Pump and Sneaks

    Professor Pump and Sneaks View Profile

     A little bit country and a little bit rock n' roll, Professor Pump and Sneaks brings a night of sketch, song, multimedia and a boatload of laughs. Members: Ashley Bank Barry Finnegan Paula Ilabaca Adam Keller Jeanine Peters Jon Thomas Travis Von Cartier

  • [BAD PROFILE]Corrine Fisher

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    CORINNE FISHER is a stand-up comedian, writer and actress originally from Union, NJ. She first made a splash with her debut one-woman show Corinne Fisher: I STALK YOU which had a successful run at The Peoples Improv Theater and was featured heavily in Time Out NY. Since then, she has been a regular on the stand-up scene playing anything from dive bars to world-famous comedy clubs like New York Com...

  • The Progressive Comedy Tour With Graham & Ron

    The Progressive Comedy Tour With Graham & Ron View Profile

    Ron Ron Placone can be seen regularly on The Jimmy Dore Show and The Young Turks. He co-hosts the podcast 5 Chords & The Truth and hosts the world’s first viewer-curated streaming news show, “Get Your News On With Ron." He's been on SiriusXM and seen on TMZ, RT, and FreeSpeechTV.   Graham Director and Host of the FNX Comedy Experience. Host of Polit...

  • Karl Prohaska

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    Karl Prohaska based in San Diego.  His early years were spent dreaming of horse racing glory as a Triple Crown winning jockey until it was pointed out that anything that could haul him with any sort of speed died during the Ice Age. It was then suggested that he become a horse.  After high school, ten years in the Air Force gave him the talents of committed drinking and wi...

  • BITCHEZZZZ pronounced Girls

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    BITCHEZZZZ (pronounced 'Girls') are Holly Wyder and Stephanie Philp. Two real-life best friends creating an emotional journey through a variety of scenes with multiple characters and relationships

  • 100 Proof

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  • Greg Proops

    Greg Proops View Profile

    “Here he is, though, in front of a live audience each week, bravely recording some of the boldest comedy on the podcasting frontier right now.” -Rolling Stone Magazine   Greg Proops is a stand up comic from San Francisco. He lives in Hollywood. It’s not that bad. Really.   The Proopdog is best known for his unpredictable appearances on Whose Line is it Anyw...

  • Nameless Prophets

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    Nameless Prophets is a relatively new band, but not the typical "new band". Emerging on the Arizona scene in the early spring of 2010, this band was formed of musicians from other well-known bands that have played in the scene for many years in the valley. Such as Jaron Mossman and Jayson Johnson from "Shawn Johnson & The Foundation", Jay Allan from "Delcoa" as well as performing as a solo artist...

  • Bro Prov

    Bro Prov View Profile

    Best bros Rob Howe and Brent Crable combine to improvise a two person show.

  • Paul Provenza

    Paul Provenza View Profile

    Paul Provenza is an actor, comedian and filmmaker. Whilst in high school, he started performing stand-up comedy, and at just 17 made his stage debut at the original Improvisation in Manhattan. Provenza continued performing while attending the University of Pennsylvania, taking a year's leave of absence to study in London at the renowned Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. While at R.A.D.A., he joined ...

  • JD Provorse

    JD Provorse View Profile

    A shameless attention whore, JD took up stand-up comedy in February of 2008 and quickly made a name for himself as “that fat guy who tells that joke about Japanese pornography”. Not wanting to be pigeon-holed, JD continued to develop his comedic voice, applying every ounce of effort he could muster. Several years and countless sets later, JD has come to be known as “that fat guy who still tells th...

  • Damien Pruitt

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     Hi. I'm Damien Pruitt, and I'm a regular at the La Jolla Comedy Store. You can catch me every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday as part of the "Best of San Diego" show. I also host an open mic at Winston's on Wednesdays and Fridays.

  • Brian Prunty

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  • Stacey Prussman

    Stacey Prussman View Profile

     Prussman will take you on a roller coaster of laughter with her honest, raw, and revealing tales of life,sex ,love and everything in between. Stacey has appeared on numerous times on the Howard Stern Show,The A and E channel, and is currently working on a TV show for PBS. Stacey was honored in 2012 to be Nominated Female Performer of the Year by Campus Activities Magazine. Her jokes and quot...

  • Josh Pryor

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  • Rain Pryor

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  • Patrick Puckett

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  • Scuba Pudding Jr

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  • Rob Pue

    Rob Pue View Profile

    I am a twenty seven year old joke slinging bar fly.

  • Shameless Pugs

    Shameless Pugs View Profile

    What happens when you combine the energy of a room full of puppies with the sassiness of a Real Housewives marathon? You get improvisation the Shameless Pug way. Watch these comedians construct a world that looks like the one you live in, but with a lot more bark and a little less bite.

  • Tim Pulnik

    Tim Pulnik View Profile

    Tim has been entertaining audiences in comedy clubs, theaters and corporate events throughout the United States and Canada for years, bringing a unique mix of high energy, quick wit and quirky antics when he hits the stage. Most recently, Tim has appeared on the USA Networks TV Show “Burn Notice”, and is the voice of the Offensive Coordinator in the popular Football video game MADDEN ...

  • The Pump and Dump Show

    The Pump and Dump Show View Profile

    Put down your babies! You deserve a night out, for once, and America’s most beloved, “parentally incorrect” comedy show is coming to your town to save you. Join Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee for a hilarious evening swaddled in music, games, prizes, wine and validation that’s guaranteed to make you laugh your C-section scar open.   The Pump and Dump Show is an irrever...

  • Sick Puppies Comedy

    Sick Puppies Comedy View Profile

    Never seen our show? Neither have we! Nothing is scripted in this non stop creation of comedy. Sick Puppies Comedy performs short form and long form improv for live audiences all over south Florida. The SPC cast is made up of movie and TV actors, improv pros, and theater veterans. Watch the stage come alive with just a single suggestion from you, the audience.

  • Dominique Purdy

    Dominique Purdy View Profile

    She began honing her skills unprofessionally as a civil servant on the nightshift as a postal worker at the now infamous Brentwood Postal facility in her native Washington D.C. "I knew something like that was gonna happen. I used to see all kinds of stuff that terrorist could use come through that post office. But that was back in the good ole' Timothy McVeigh days", she quips abo...

  • Rich Purpura

    Rich Purpura View Profile

  • Missi Pyle

    Missi Pyle View Profile

    Missi Pyle just wrapped shoot on Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, a family action-adventure film to be released later 2013. Missi’s made memorable appearances in a variety of films and TV shows. Movie roles you’d recognize include the mother of gum-chewing kid Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Laliari, the Thermian crew member who falls in love with Fred in Galax...

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