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  • Elijah Tindall

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    Elijah's public speaking journey can be traced back to his childhood sermon "Chula lula says". It was a four year old impression of an evangelical preacher he had heard preaching on the book of Revelation. It seemed he was diplomatic enough to replace the original "Jesus says" with "Chula lula says"...for Chula lula was the family dog....and honestly, if the message w...

  • Ian Tindell

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    Ian hails from Washington state where he attended and graduated from Eastern Washington University getting his Bachelor's Degree in film. It was in college where Ian began exploring the world of comedy by writing a monthly newsletter circulated throughout the campus and winning awards for his comedic films and scripts. After moving to Los Angeles, Ian became a member of ACME Comedy Hollywood,...

  • Jimmy Tingle

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    Jimmy Tingle was born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The social, political and economic diversity of that city laid the groundwork for his development as a performer and satirist. He started performing in 1980 during the early stand up comedy scene in Boston and quickly rose through the ranks from open-mike performer to paid engagements, headlining at comedy clubs, theaters and colle...

  • Kris Tinkle

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      Comedian Kris Tinkle has been making his mark on the New York City standup scene since he moved here from his native San Francisco. He was the co-host and resident comedian on Comedy By Request on SiriusXM Raw Dog. He has appeared on DirecTV’s “The Artie Lange Show”, is a regular on Sirius XM Radio’s “Friday’s with Breuer” and “Tap Out Radio,...

  • Amy Tinoco

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    Amy Tinoco, has one of the busiest and most exciting schedules in the South Florida local scene. This Colombian born, actress, magician/children’s motivator has a resume that includes author, producer, lyricist , talk show host, comedian just to mention a few. All that in her overnight night success that has taken 20 years! Her weekly performances throughout the Tri-county area dressed as...

  • Daniel Tirado

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    Three-time veteran of the world-renowned Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, Daniel was featured on AXS TV's Gotham Comedy Live and was selected to perform as one of the top 10 finalists on StandUp NBC - a nationwide search for talent that auditions over 650 comedians each year. Tirado was also recently invited to play the Charleston Comedy Festival as well a...

  • Claire Titelman

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    Andy Kaufman Award semi-finalist Claire Titelman performs on both coasts at all sorts of venues and shows which have included Caroline’s NY, UCB’s Comedy Death Ray, The Tomorrow Show,  but most importantly In Her Very Own Kitchen in Venice, California. She first started performing her solo show “Lemons are for Emergencies Only” in her kitchen for a...

  • Christopher Titus

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    Comedian Christopher Titus brings his newest show AMERIGEDDON to the theaters across the country. Employing what he's labeled “hard funny,” Christopher Titus has released seven ninety-minute albums in as many years. He has six one-hour comedy specials currently running on Comedy Central, and his seventh special, BORN WITH A DEFECT, premiered in 2017. Known for leaving no stone u...

  • Masha Tivyan

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    Masha started doing stand-up in New York City in 2000. Upon moving to LA, she appeared in several bits on "The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn." Her five-minute short film "The Real Masha" was awarded the first place trophy at the "Drew Carey Short Film Festival" in 2003 ...

  •  TK

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    TK's "no-holds-barred, balls-to-the-wall" comedy has been said to be an infusion of Lenny Bruce meets Bill Hicks. His comedy can take an audience anywhere from dating to problems with racism. His quick delivery and timing has become his staple, along with his sharp writing. From working the road to his work on The Best Damn Sports Show Period and the reality show Face the Family his uni...

  •  TMZ Comedy Tour

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    From the hit television show TMZ comes an outrageous, uncensored stand up comedy show. The TMZ Comedy Tour will always feature regulars from the daily TMZ television show!  Brian McDaniel, Rick Mitchell, Katie Hayes, Myke Anthony, and Adam Glyn are the founding members of the tour.  All of these stars of the tv screen have also been performing live comedy for years, and now they’ve...

  • Bristol to Memory

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  • Keys to the Club

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  • Power To The Peephole

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    Whether it's a bad date, a party trick gone awry, or even your own marriage, sometimes life doesn't live up to expectations.  In Power to the Peephole, we take a look at how those subverted expectations lead to perverted (and hilarious) experiences.  It's crazy what can happen when the wrong kind of people have power.

  • Comics to Watch

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  • Apollo Tobias

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    (Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson) Whether Singing, Dancing, Producing Shows, Acting or Writing , he will not leave you hanging when it comes to entertainment. His gifts definitely make room for him. From a small country town in Terre Haute, Indiana, and the middle child of 12 siblings, all this guy has ever wanted was to inspire people through the arts. Recording 3 songs to date, produced two V...

  • Brandt Tobler

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    Originally from Cheyenne Wyoming, Brandt Tobler is a stand up comedian, actor, and author who travels the world telling stories from his crazy life. Currently living in Los Angeles, Brandt has toured overseas performing for our troops, created the legendary back yard show in Las Vegas, and released his best selling memoir "Free Roll" in May of 2017. His stories let you into an unseen ...

  • Stephen Tobolowsky

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    The quintessential character actor, Stephen Tobolowsky has appeared in more than 100 movies and more than 200 television shows in his career (USA TODAY recently noted that he was the ninth most frequently seen actor in film today). Along the way his roles have spanned almost all aspects of being a working actor, from the big-budget and Oscar Award-worthy (as head of the Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi...

  • Nikola Todoroski

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  • Bound Together

    Bound Together View Profile

    Off stage Bound Together is a typical book club, with each troupe member selecting a favorite pick each month that the entire troupe reads and discusses amongst themselves. On stage, Bound Together uses themes from the book and poses thought provoking questions to the audience to inspire a fun, fast paced show for all to enjoy. No reading required!

  • ​Jackie Tohn

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    Jackie Tohn is a cast member of Bravo’s Summer Show, “Platinum Hit” (2011). Bravo showcases emerging singer-songwriters on their quest to become the next big hitmaker when Platinum Hit premieres on Monday, May 30 at 10/9 c. Platinum Hit follows 12 up-and-coming musicians as they battle through a series of innovative songwriting challenges testing their creativity, patience and dr...

  • Coby Toland

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  • John Tole

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    John Tole is an international touring performer, writer and broadcaster.  This Los Angeles based comic weaves tales of self discovery, positive life choices, and seeing the silver lining in every life experience. Audiences love this ADHD, OCD, fast, take no prisoners style and while he may tip toe to the line of edgy he consistently finds the pocket and keeps the audience not only laughing bu...

  • C.J. Toledano

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  • Trey Toler

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  • High Tolerance

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    When it comes to live music entertainment, the spotlight is on High Tolerance.  As South Florida's Premier Top 40's Band, this group is dedicated to making your event unforgettable.   For the past 8 uninterrupted years, they've been captivating South Florida audiences and setting standards in the live music industry. Their repertoire is constantly inc...

  • Prescott Tolk

    Prescott Tolk View Profile

    Prescott is very funny. So are his jokes. He’s appeared on ComedyCentral, The Bob and Tom Show, and TBS. The Chicago Reader declared him a Critic’s Choice and Time Out Chicago dubbed him a “Don’t Miss.” Aside from headlining clubs and colleges across the country, he has performed his one-man show High Jinxed to rave reviews. It was named Best Stand-Up Show at the i...

  • Prescott Tolk (new)

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  • Judy Toll

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    Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Toll wrote for television programs including Sex and the City, Boy Meets World, Alright Already, and The Geena Davis Show.[1] A Groundling trained in sketch and improv comedy, she also acted in several TV shows including Curb Your Enthusiasm and Red Shoe Diaries.[2] She was also known for her portrayal of "Andrea Dice Clay", a parody of shock come...

  • Randi Tollefson

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    No gimmicks; just beautiful, heartfelt singing of some of the best songs ever written, accompanied by one of New York’s most hypnotic guitarists. After a 13 year career doing Broadway tours and regional theater and a 3 year hiatus from the stage, Randie Shane returns to her vocal roots, driven only by a passion for melodic storytelling. Every song a little journey, “On My Way&rdqu...

  • Sarah Tollemache

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  • Craig Tollifson

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  • Greg Tollman

    Greg Tollman View Profile

    Greg Tollman is not your everyday comic. He has a certain presence on stage that is certainly one of a kind; whether its his quirky topics, his insane imagination, his high energy or just the incredible relationship he builds with his audience onstage. Greg Tollman is nothing less than high octance, un-censored firecracker of comedy! Gaining his popularity from opening and touring with comedy supe...

  • Amy Tolsky

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  • Coach Tom Whiteley

    Coach Tom Whiteley View Profile

    You don't have to like football to love "The Coach," comedian Tom Whiteley's rasp-voiced, bug-eyed other self.  Outfitted in Knute Rockne-era garb, Whiteley scores laugh after laugh with his carefully crafted monologues and high-adrenaline performance.  Wildly unique, consistently funny, Whiteley is the special comedian audiences will remember for the rest of their live...

  • Pat Tomasulo

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  • Cathy Tomlin

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  • Lily Tomlin

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    Lily Tomlin rose to national prominence in 1969 on the television series, Laugh-In, with her characterizations of Ernestine, the irascible telephone operator, and Edith Ann, the devilish six year old. Tomlin went on to star in six comedy television specials between 1973 and 1982, which she also co-wrote with Jane Wagner. In 1977, Tomlin made her Broadway debut in Appearing Nitely, written and d...

  • Taylor Tomlinson

    Taylor Tomlinson View Profile

    At only 23 years old, Taylor Tomlinson commands the stage with the confidence and capability of an expert comedian.  Her stage presence is matched by her surprisingly honed and authentic point-of-view, one that emphasizes how wildly normal she can be in a wildly bizarre world.  Her self-deprecating charm and conversational wit have made her a favorite at comedy clubs, colleges, and corpo...

  • Nephew Tommy

    Nephew Tommy View Profile

    Nephew Tommy is a versatile comedian, actor, producer, and host with original work that has encompassed the radio, television, and film worlds. His role as a co-host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show puts him in front of a live radio audience of over 8 million daily listeners.  Thomas also has a loyal following as a stand-up comedian and has earned a reputation for wow...

  • Paul F. Tompkins

    Paul F. Tompkins View Profile

    Paul has a wesbite. Learn all about Mr. F. Tompkins at Paul also has a free, critically acclaimed monthly podcast called The Pod F. Tompkast available on iTunes or at 

  • Tony Tone

    Tony Tone View Profile

  • Mommy Tonk

    Mommy Tonk View Profile

    MOMMY TONK* is a musical comedy duo based in Los Angeles. These two saucy moms blend their ability to harmonize and curse perfectly in a honky-tonk style.  Shannon Noel & Stacie Burrows weave their irreverent stand-up comedy and heartfelt storytelling into the prettiest, filthiest music you ever did hear. Come party with these ladies as they tour the south and celebrate the ...


    KILL TONY LIVE View Profile

    The #1 Live Weekly Podcast in the World! Tony Hinchcliffe hosts his wildly popular podcast with his cohost Brian Redban. Rising young up and coming comics or failing older comics get their name pulled out of a bucket, do one minute of material each, and then Tony and his two weekly friends/guests give feedback, extra material, and ask questions to the young performers always leading to a hilarious...

  • LeeAnn Tooker

    LeeAnn Tooker View Profile

    LeeAnn Tooker is an LA based comedian, actor, and on-air personality. As a stand-up, she reveals the thoughts of her over-analytical brain and shares this perspective on stage much to the delight of audiences.  LeeAnn has worked as audience warm-up for Adam Carolla´s “The Car Show” and opened for national headliner, Colin Kane. She writes and performs sketch comedy as a memb...

  • Mike Toomey

    Mike Toomey View Profile

  • Carrot Top

    Carrot Top View Profile

    Becoming a pop culture icon is a difficult thing to achieve but Scott "Carrot Top" Thompson has done just that. With over two decades of comedic performance in his rear view mirror, Carrot Top is one of the most popular, recognizable and successful comedians in America. After years of playing out to sold-out shows throughout the country, he has now become a Las Vegas icon as well, rec...

  • Bill Torres

    Bill Torres View Profile

    Bill Torres is a standup comedian who has been performing for years.

  • Dustin Torres

    Dustin Torres View Profile

  • Julio Torres

    Julio Torres View Profile

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